Review 2 - Jarryd Roughead (2019)

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Dixie Flatline

Saviour Sam
Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
Jarryd Roughead

Games: 8
Goals: 15
Yabby Medal votes: 4 (equal 17th)


Kicks: 7.5 per game
Handballs: 5.0 per game
Disposals: 12.5 per game
Goals: 1.9 per game


Announced retirement from the AFL
Ranked 15th in the AFL for goals per game
Ranked 16th in the AFL for marks inside 50 per game


Round 22, 2019 (versus Gold Coast Suns): After announcing his retirement at the end of the season in the lead-up to the game, the Hawks recalled Roughead from the VFL for one last hurrah against the feeble Suns who had nothing to play for. Roughead farewelled the Hawthorn supporters and the AFL in style, kicking six goals and basically doing as he pleased. The crowd even booed Jack Gunston for cutting across a leading Roughead to take a mark and have a shot at goal (which Gunston subsequently missed). It was the perfect send-off for the 283 game, four-time premiership player and former captain. Roughead will join St Kilda in an off-field role in the off-season.


Round 7, 2019 (versus Melbourne Demons): After battling a loss of form to start the season, this was the game that basically put a nail in Roughead's coffin as a Hawthorn player. Only eight disposals and one goal against a club that was (prior to the game) on its knees and the Hawks succumbed in an upset loss to the Demons. It was pretty clear from watching him that he was done as an AFL player and the Hawks took the step of dropping him to the VFL. He did earn a recall in round 14 to take on the Swans, but this game was the signal to most that his career would finish at the end of the season.

2 - Jarryd Roughead (2018)


Team Captain
Sep 22, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC
Thanks for everything Rough, the sendoff was a great moment for me as a supporter, the club with the win and the opportunity to do it in Melbourne and I'd hope you, playing with your mates one last time.


Club Legend
May 20, 2010
AFL Club
Glad we got to see him play so well against gold coast. Probably the only time since the 2015 Grand Final that it we had the same Roughead from the golden era.

Unfortunately the injuries and cancer limited him too much physically. He still battled hard and lead well the last few years but wasn't able to impact like he used to.

What a great career, Started as a defender and set a club record for intercept possessions then went forward and played often as a decoy/2nd forward. Really unselfish the way he partnered with Buddy when he would have been top dog at nearly every other side, when we sniffed out that buddy was leaving we gave him more forward time and he won the Coleman.

A great Key Forward that could pressure,crumb, snap and share as good as the smalls, an undersized ruck that could leap over taller rucks, be first to the ground ball, link up around the ground and fill a hole. He was also a big bodied midfielder that could bash in and create space, win clearances and turn a game.

We are so lucky to have had him and would not have the 4 flags without his efforts 2014 especially. Now he is off to StKilda to try and help hannebry try and push through the pain that still lingers from 5 years ago when Roughy split him in half.

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Club Legend
Apr 14, 2002
AFL Club
Other Teams
Had a great career. May have been even better without the cancer. Think 2016, he plays do we get 4 in a row?

Had a great last game.

Was rubbish the rest of the season, look this is a season review only, so we do need 2 say that even though his decline was due to extenuating circumstances.

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