Player Watch #20: Nick 'Souva' Larkey - Career best 7 goals v Blues

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Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Welcome to Nick Larkey


Selection No.73 – Nick Larkey
Bryce Lewis says: "Nick has been a bit of a swingman. He played back for Oakleigh Chargers and in the National Championships. But he's kicked multiple goals when forward for Oakleigh and has pinch-hit in the ruck, so he's a bit of a troubleshooter. He still has a lot of filling out to do at 198cm, but we think he offers us some versatility as a tall."


Nick Larkey- Pick 73

Bryce Lewis says:

“Nick's been a bit of a swingman. He played as a defender for Vic Metro in the National Championships, but he’s equally capable up forward.

“He’s kicked some bags of goals, and he can also pinch-hit in the ruck.

“He’s 198 centimetres and needs to fill out a fair bit; we’re confident he’ll do that.

“Nick’s a guy who has shown an ability to impact games for Oakleigh, including finals during the course of this season.”
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The Jesus

What Could Go Wrong?
Oct 22, 2014
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A tall forward at TAC Cup level, Larkey played down back for Vic Metro and acquitted himself well. His athleticism means he was used on the wing at times, despite being taller than a traditional midfielder. He can kick goals and also provides a back-up ruck option. Strong in the air, Larkey is raw and has plenty of upside.

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Team Captain
Aug 26, 2012
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North Melbourne
I like him. Marking good. In all areas, he's slight yet contested marking is quite impressive. Moves well and great height. He's got time to build his body. Get around him.


Team Captain
Jun 2, 2015
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North Melbourne
Seems to read the flight very well, good clean one grab mark, and has some toe/agility for a guy his height. Looks a handy pickup

Flawed Genius

Apr 26, 2008
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Strong hands, despite being built like a rake. Not afraid to throw his body at the ball when leading. Accurate kick for goal. Looks comfortable at either end, reads the play well, gets to good positions, uses his body after disposing of the footy and follows up.

Not bad for pick 710.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 16, 2013
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North Melbourne
Good to have another developing tall on the list. Never know what they can turn into. Welcome to the club :thumbsu:

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