Player Watch #20: Zac Clarke - Omitted - 16/5

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The Donners

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Apr 26, 2007
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As much as I am not really a fan of this guy, he is one of two healthy ruckman we have at the moment. He's also one of 4 players around the 200cm mark that we have that are currently healthy. The other three are Hooker, Bellchambers and Michael Hartley.

As much as I am not really a fan WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTIONS. We can't run it in on a small ground with a flooded zone. We can't bomb it in if there's no one tall enough or capable of jumping high enough to mark it. This is what we are left with.

The only thing I can say is I wish this guy had a bit more training in bringing the ball to ground and getting it to someone who can kick straight.
I agree with what you’re saying but we’d be better off playing just the one ruckman from here on in. I understand him playing against Sydney, as I’ve said previously, due to TBC injury cloud but Clarke simply isn’t up to AFL standard and in my opinion never has been.
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