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Week 5 storylines full of plot twists

October 9, 2001

A quick look at the storylines of Week 5 games in the NFL:

Cardinals at Bears: Two teams on a mini-roll after more than a few years of bottom feeding. Is Jake back? Or is he just teasing? Would you believe the Bears have a shot at a winning record? Okay, you're right, I'll sit down and take a few deep breaths and relax till I'm lucid again!

Giants at Rams: Quite a few "experts" will say that New York has a good chance of beating the Rams. The more important question is, deep down, do the Giants think so? News flash on the Rams: It's like any other in that the system isn't nearly as important as the talent accumulated to run it.

Ravens at Packers: The final score could be 3-2 or 30-28, but either way this one figures to be the highlight of the 2001 season so far. The only way this game could get any better is if it snows a few feet Saturday night in Green Bay.

Saints at Panthers: Star of this game going in? Easy! It's the groundskeeper at Ericsson Stadium where new sod was laid down this last week. If there is a repeat of the fiasco of Week 3 would one or both of the teams refuse to play because of the unsafe condition of the field?

Browns at Bengals: Simply put this is a chance for the Browns to separate themselves from the lower tier of the league. It also may be Cincinnati's last chance or so to stay at or above .500.

Chargers at Patriots: Last time the Bolts visited Foxboro they were embarrassed by Drew and the crew during the doomed "Gilbride Months". This is an excellent opportunity to show how different they are from those old down-year Chargers.

Bucs at Titans: A tough and physical defense with a questionable offense meets a formerly tough defense who also plays with a questionable offense. Sounds unpredictable? Right you are! Tampa could build toward something special, while the Titans would settle for just a win -- any win! The specter of a loss for the Titans can't keep them from playing loose and physical. If they tighten up again and play below average, Tennessee becomes just another team.

Steelers at Chiefs: The Nebraska of the NFL -- we're talking about Pittsburgh and its adherence to the running game, not its dominance -- comes to Arrowhead Stadium looking to play Stone Age football while the Chiefs continue work on their modern Air Force.

Lions at Vikings: Someone please point out a reason I should care about this one besides the development of Dante Culpepper?

Dolphins at Jets: Remember the term "your worst nightmare"? That pretty much describes the Dolphins to the Jets most years, especially at the Meadowlands. The Jets offense showed up in Buffalo Sunday, but can they find the stadium two weeks in a row?

Broncos at Seahawks: This may be the best game nobody sees in Week 5. Denver is building toward another special year while Seattle has found a quarterback in Trent Dilfer and another running back in Shaun Alexander. Can Seattle's defense stand up and avoid the onslaught?

Raiders at Colts: Jon Gruden has the Silver and Black grooving and if Al Davis is smart, which he is, will lock up this guy with a long-term deal. When we last saw Peyton Manning and the Colts, the Patriots were whipping on them. Question of the night: Can Indy give what it just received to Oakland?

Redskins at Cowboys: How many seats will friends and family fill in Texas Stadium for this thriller? Maybe these two are so bad it will actually be an even match?

49ers at Falcons: Everyone talks about the 49ers' offense and rightfully so but the young defense is growing in confidence daily. The Falcons are perched on the teeter-totter -- they could go either way!

After they all were dealt tough defeats in Week 4, the Eagles, Bills and Jaguars all get a bye to recover.
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