2008 Big Footy Mock Draft

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Just a mock draft where you draft players for which best suits your club.
Reverse the ladder (after the finals series) and that's the draft order.
Melbourne 1st & Hawthorn 16th and so on...
If you don't know too much about the draftees coming through you can have a look at all the profiles here:

Sorry hitemup007 & Lionfan17. You are unable to play.

I was off for a while and when i came back all the positions were filled, you maybe have submitted before some but because i got a personal message from others they have fulfilled those positions.

whelan=legend were ready mate :thumbsu:
Am I doing the Saints or is Tarquin doing em? :confused:
I don't mind who, just to clear things up. :)

Adelaide - BB1888
Brisbane - lion4life
Carlton - Eddie19
Collingwood -Dave_The_Man
Essendon - Tambu
Fremantle - Tarquin
Geelong - Redemptionin09
Hawthorn - HawkPatrol
Melbourne - Whelan=legend
North Melbourne - brettman135
Port Adelaide - strath39
Richmond - tigersfan11
St Kilda - CHBench
Sydney - mr patrick bateman
West Coast - buddymania
Western Bulldogs - doggies ftw

Is the official list.
Pick 1 - Jack Watts
No suprises here. Jack is for mine far and away the best player available.

Had outstanding results in the Draft Camp coming second in the agility test and 20m sprint which is phenominal considering he comes in at 195.8cm. Will be a perfect fit for the dees who are in dire need of some KPP forwards.
West Coat PICK 2= Natanui

With the departure of seaby, will be backup to cox and will be a damaging duo

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Pick 3. Daniel.Rich (obvious freo would get him)

Clearly the best on-baller in this years draft, great skills, runs all day and is very similiar comparison to Rhys Palmer.
Is an already made footballer and will fit straight into Freo's line-up.

Pick 4. Jack Ziebell [strath 39 sent me a PM]

After missing Vic Country's opening match through injury, Ziebell returned to show why he is a highly rated AFL prospect. He showed great leadership across the championships, and outstanding at the clearances, contesting the ball and tackling. He is a versatile player, either in the midfield or across half-forward."
5. Essendon - Hamish Hartlett

Classy midfielder with excellent skills and footy smarts. Just what the Bombers could use more of. Knows how to win his own ball, has excellent pace and knows where the goals are from long range.
This clearly isnt going anywhere. Any teams available?
somebody should make a phantom draft where your responsible for 2 teams picks. It would make it move quicker.
6. Carlton - Micheal Hurley
Great pick up for the Blues here we got the man we wanted. Great Defender that can also play forward. Good Mark and is very strong one on one will add depth to our defense
Pick 7: Steele Sidebottom - with Hartlett and Ziebell gone Steele sidebottom seems to be the next best mid available. His continual dominant peformances during the TAC instrument his potential. He is a consistent player which is what the Lions really need at the moment.
This clearly isnt going anywhere. Any teams available?
somebody should make a phantom draft where your responsible for 2 teams picks. It would make it move quicker.

No, this is fine. It doesn't have to be over in 5 minutes. 1 Team is enough.
Pick 8 - Tyrone Vickery
Standing at 200cm tall Vickery would have to be the second best ruckmen in the draft. Played for Vic Metro in the Championships and did well in the ruck, he can also play forward and is a good mark and great kick at goal.
Pick 9 - Chris Yarran

Could be the Best Player in the Draft. Has tones of Skills and Could make something out of Nothing. Pies will Love his Skill and Can Create Goals:thumbsu:
Pick 10 - Sam Blease

The kangaroos need to add some more pace to the midfield and i believe this guy will be able to do it!

EDIT: Why did collingwood take pick 9 when their first pick is 11??

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