Player Sponsorship 2016 Nakia Cockatoo Sponsorship

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May 22, 2006
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BigFooty Cats fans,

Last year, following nine seasons as official player sponsor of two-time premiership player Travis Varcoe from the day he was drafted, we continued on with the number 5 guernsey by backing Nakia Cockatoo. After a season getting a taste for it and showing glimpses, this is the year we all hope he pushes to become a consistent player in the hoops.

The moderators and I invite you to become part of the official player sponsor of Nakia Cockatoo in 2016 through BigFooty and give yourself a great chance at winning some unique prizes.

Payment details
Cockatoo falls within the 'Academy' bracket, which this year puts his sponsorship $1,820.00. Please note that this is at a significant discount to the value of Varcoe's sponsorship in recent years, so again there will be fewer stakes required in 2016. As usual BigFooty will be putting in the first $200.

Unless we fail to reach that level, we will only accepting one $50 pledge per person - first in, best dressed.

Payments are now closed.

Prize details
Every $50 payment is effectively another chance in the draw, however only one prize will be awarded to any single person. These prizes are for you - if you can't use them, or give them to a family member or friend, then please consider the other people who are contributing and I will reallocate them. The reallocation of prizes will be conducted in the most practical way (but hopefully will not be required). We are not eligible for any prizes. The prize winner list will be posted on BigFooty once finalised.

Unless you otherwise specify, the prize draw will be conducted in the following order:
  1. Two (2) tickets to the Geelong Cats Season Launch at Crown Casino Palladium (Tuesday 23 February), seated with Nakia Cockatoo and invitation to attend a pre-Season Launch function exclusive to player sponsors and players.
  2. A 2016 Geelong Cats Guernsey signed by Nakia Cockatoo
  3. One (1) Premiership membership: guaranteed option to purchase a Grand Final ticket should the Cats compete
  4. One (1) Geelong Cats Adult Home 11 Membership
  5. Inner sanctum experience at an open training session with your sponsored player (six tickets available) - note this year all attendees must be Geelong members
If your prize preference differs from the above list, send me a your preferred list via PM when you pay your pledge.

The prize draw will hopefully take place within two weeks from today (16 February), allowing a week's notice for the winner of the season launch tickets.

Other benefits
All Geelong Board player sponsors will also receive:
  1. Data analysis update on Nakia Cockatoo, three (3) times during the season (NEW)
  2. A Nakia 16 banner on their BigFooty profile

As a collective, will receive on behalf of our board:
  1. Recognition on the Geelong Cats website and Player Profile page
  2. Its business name or logo to appear alongside Nakia Cockatoo on the big screen on match day at Simonds Stadium
  3. Recognition of its sponsorship in the Cats Insider e-magazine

Important Dates:
  • Season Launch - 7:00PM Tuesday 23 March, Palladium at Crown Entertainment Complex
  • Exclusive sponsors training session - TBC

Please post general questions in this thread.

If you want to keep it private, send me a private message.

Go Cats!
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Jun 21, 2011
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I'll jump in again - will pay when I have access to my computer and not just my iPad.

got home & paid :cool:
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Jan 1, 2008
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Any concerns about the safety warnings that keep popping up when I try to log into pay?
"Not safe"......?

Has been clarified. I'll try & pay tomorrow.
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