Player Sponsorship 2017 Player Sponsorship - a call to arms !

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Apr 14, 2010
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A call to the sponsorship faithful.... and those who wish to join us !

It is sponsorship time again.

Over the past several seasons a syndicate of BigFooty Hawks have sponsored up and coming Hawks players. It's now the time when we call for expressions of interest for the season 2017. Former Hawks mod Gary Shadforth was the first to organise this board to contribute. Messenger has excelled in this role for the past six seasons !

Why sponsor a player ?

HFC offers members the opportunity to sponsor individual players on the senior and rookie list each season. It's an opportunity to have a little extra stake in the game, watching "your guy" go around on match day. If you have a look in the club annual there will be a list of those who sponsor players each season. Player profiles on the HFC website also show this information.

The money is not given to the player directly.

Who do we sponsor ?

In past seasons we have been pleased to sponsor these players:

2016 - Kaiden Brand, Alex Woodward & Jermaine Miller-Lewis
2015 - Alex Woodward, Jed Anderson & Jermaine Miller-Lewis
2014 - Luke Lowden, Alex Woodward & Jed Anderson
2013 - Luke Lowden, Alex Woodward & Jed Anderson
2012 - Isaac Smith & Shane Savage
2011 - Isaac Smith & Shane Savage
2010 - Beau Muston & Shane Savage
2009 - Beau Muston
2008 - Beau Muston
2007 - Beau Muston

How much does it cost and how does it work ?

Last years payment was in excess of $3000. Money is raised through small (and not so small) contributions of many people plus BigFooty tips in some as well.

To make it easy it is all based around "units". One unit costs $20 and each unit entitles you to a raffle ticket for the chance to win an awesome experience, or prize (more about this later).

There is a bank account dedicated to sponsorship (HFC and BHFC) activity only. There is currently a small surplus which can be used to contribute to sponsorship activity should it be required.

We take expressions of interest to join the sponsorship group each year at which time we ask how many units you'd like to contribute. Most people contribute $20 or $40, while others choose to contribute more. Each to their own means. If you would like to contribute privately, please send me a PM.

Your expressions of interest will allow me to gauge how much we can afford when the club announces the prices for each player. Our hope is to have enough to continue with our sponsorship of Kaiden Brand plus two other players, but if the interest is not there we will have to reduce our commitment.

Is there a deadline ?

Oh yes.... and it is soon ! We have first right of refusal over our current sponsored player (Brand). This right must be exercised shortly. Therefore I am looking for a simple show of hands to see what we can raise by towards the end of February ! We will start collecting contributions once we know what we can afford.

What's in it for me ?

* A badge (or two or three) on your profile. BF Hawks members who are part of the sponsorship effort wear a little brown and gold badge under their username.

* The sponsorship comes with some goodies... chances to win tickets to a sponsorship function, or signed jumpers, or sometimes tickets to a match day function are typical of the package. We issue raffle tickets based on the number of units you contribute and draws are made regularly during the season by an independent third party.

* A warm inner glow.... priceless.

If this is something you'd like to be part of, please post below with how many units you'd like to contribute. When we have a general pledged total we'll know how many players we BF Hawks can sponsor in 2017. Banking details will of course follow soon afterwards.

Time is short... so get on board !!
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Aug 16, 2009
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I'd like to go in for 2 units if there's a way to accept funds from abroad. Gary Shadforth and I tried to get it working a few years ago to no avail but it might be more straightforward now.

Nathan Detroit

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Oct 26, 2016
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I'd like to go in for 2 units if there's a way to accept funds from abroad. Gary Shadforth and I tried to get it working a few years ago to no avail but it might be more straightforward now.
That's what I was going to PM about! With the exchange rate I reckon I'd go 3, but I don't know how that would work...

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