Opinion 2017 popular hindsight – would you have started with him?

Were the following players worth selecting at the start of the year?

  • FYFE – yes

  • FYFE – no

  • NANK – yes

  • NANK – no

  • GAWN – yes

  • GAWN – no

  • SPP – yes

  • SPP – no

  • OTTEN – yes

  • OTTEN – no

  • BUDDY – yes

  • BUDDY – no

  • SANDI – yes

  • SANDI – no

  • BEAMS – yes

  • BEAMS – no

  • LLOYD – yes

  • LLOYD – no

  • SLOANE – yes

  • SLOANE – no

  • STEELE – yes

  • STEELE – no

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Oct 12, 2009
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So now that another year is over it's a good time to look back on some of the most popular pre-season picks and evaluate whether they were worth it or not. Not so much whether their overall season was successful, but more so whether you benefited from selecting them at the start of the year. In the case of a guy like Aaron Sandilands, I'd say yes.

Going off some pre-season ownership stats and just using general knowledge I've decided to compile a list of players and then use the poll function to gauge some feedback. I've omitted out-and-out guns like Dangerfield, Mitchell etc. because their output is undeniable, same as some of the more trusty rooks like Witherden, Greenwood, Newman, etc. This is more for those 50-50 picks and whether you feel you got value out of them. Hope you enjoy!

Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
Price: $602,700
Games: 21
Average: 108.8
Scores over 100: 13
Scores under 80: 2

It's actually remarkable looking back at Fyfe's stats to see how consistent he became post-byes. It was the mid-season lull of high 90s scores that turned off a lot of people expecting SP output. Personally I'm kicking myself for not persisting and I traded him out mid-year when he missed games.

Toby Nankervis (Richmond)
Price: $389,000
Games: 21
Average: 88.8
Scores over 100: 7
Scores under 80: 7

Started like a bang and warranted the pre-season hype, but as other ruckmen were trialled his impact lessened and by the back half of the season he was pushing out 60s and 70s most weeks. Unfortunately everyone treated him like a premo in their completed teams therefore he sat in 42% of squads come season's end.

Max Gawn (Melbourne)
Price: $505,500
Games: 13
Average: 91.6
Scores over 100: 6
Scores under 80: 6

Seemed on track for another huge year before that terrible injury ruled him out for a couple of months. Tempted coaches with triple-figures on return before a rollercoaster nine weeks that saw some huge scores as well as a trio of failures at the worst part of the year – SC finals time.

Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
Price: $272,400
Games: 21
Average: 64.8
Scores over 100: –
Scores under 80: 15

In a year devoid of rooks, he was one you basically had to have. He peaked in price at around the 370k mark and was handy to hold during the byes; you would have been wise to dump him at that high point. Never went large throughout the year but I reckon he was solid enough.

Andy Otten (Adelaide)
Price: $315,400
Games: 17
Average: 72.6
Scores over 100: 3
Scores under 80: 11

A beautiful cash cow back in '09 when I first started playing SC. Could he replicate that form in 2017? Well... nearly. Struggled for consistency but did peak right around the byes at a price $250k above his starting price – and can you be too unhappy with that? Smart coaches traded him out at that time and by the end of the year he was out anyway.

Lance Franklin (Sydney)
Price: $457,900
Games: 22
Average: 98.3
Scores over 100: 9
Scores under 80: 7

In a way, this year Buddy was a case study for the value of choosing a KPP in your team. Plenty of ups but plenty of downs. His bad games tended to come in threes, then he would pump out a 120 or 160 and you remember why you have him. Massive SC finals series for those who persisted.

Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle)
Price: $438,800
Games: 10
Average: 87.3
Scores over 100: 6
Scores under 80: 3

Provided us with nearly half a year of pretty solid output without being outstanding before unfortunately succumbing to injury. Sandi gave us $150k in cash and a cheaper option to start our ruck division with, so for that he gets a tick in my book. If you were unlucky enough to have him when he pushed out a 12 in Round 15 – six weeks after his most recent match – then I pity you. Remove it from his scorelines and he finishes with an average of 95.7 which is serviceable.

Dayne Beams (Brisbane)
Price: $547,000
Games: 18
Average: 101.4
Scores over 100: 11
Scores under 80: 5

So good when fit but sadly his four missed games would have seen many pull the pin. If you lasted all year then you would have been rewarded with five big tons in the last seven rounds. On five occasions this year he went over 130 but you would've had to have had balls the size of watermelons to put the big C on him.

Jake Lloyd (Sydney)
Price: $393,900
Games: 21
Average: 87.3
Scores over 100: 6
Scores under 80: 4

Commiserations to anyone who traded in Lloyd after his four tons early in the year only to produce a score of just 4. He only hit the ton once after that dirty night and in a similar way to Nank, he occupied a premo spot for many throughout the second half of the season without delivering us the output we would expect.

Rory Sloane (Adelaide)

Price: $526,000
Games: 22
Average: 110.2
Scores over 100: 11
Scores under 80: 5

A great average overall, but were the dizzying highs and frustrating lows too many for some? His inability to shake a tag meant that on a number of occasions he went missing – too many times after pumping out a big SP score the week before. Enormous in the first six weeks but his midseason form line of six consecutive games without a ton had many hitting the big T on the Crow.

Jack Steele (St Kilda)
Price: $471,300
Games: 20
Average: 91.1
Scores over 100: 7
Scores under 80: 6

The man of steel was a popular choice for many but would have been traded out by most around the bye period where he was controversially dropped. Those who kept with him all year (probably by necessity more than anything) would have been rewarded with a huge last month where he averaged 108 over the final four games and peaked in price during Round 23.

Honourable mentions: Brett Eddy, Luke Dahlhaus, Jaeger O'Meara, Heath Shaw, Mitchell Hibberd, Curtly Hampton. You all stunk. I also wrote reviews for Tuohy, Myers, Swallow & Roughead but there were too few spots in the poll so they escaped my wrath.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 2, 2016
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Hindsight is 20/20. I thought i went ultra safe with my midfield of Danger, Selwood, Pendles, Treloar and Fyfe. But out of those only danger improved on his past output. Im not taking old campaigners next year, its all about the younger guys like Kelly, Zerrett, Oliver etc now.


The 'M' is Silent
Mar 12, 2012
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Some of these guys were only valuable to people who don't get easily frustrated. Fyfe, Beams and Steele were "keepers" if you didn't get fed up halfway through the season.

I don't regret starting Nank, Otten and Sandi either, all performed well enough in the half of the season they needed to (Steele falls into the category too).

Players I wish I didn't start with: Dahlhaus, O'Meara and Treloar. I could have had Macrae, Oliver and Titchell instead (the latter I almost had but dropped on the eve of round 1, the first two I eventually picked up).

The 20/20 regret I have is Joel Selwood. He was fantastic for a while but his late season collapse took me with him. Could have started Zorko, Zerrett, Sloane, Dusty, Titchell, Neale or even Matt Crouch or Mitch Duncan in his place. I remember how happy those Marc Murphy owners were for a time too. In complete hindsight, I would have started with him, and traded him just when as he peaked.

I am quite ambivalent toward Bont too. Was meh all season with the odd premo score here and there. If I could do it all again, I doubt I'd start him. Dustin Martin was $2k more to at the time for 300+ points over the season.

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Premium Platinum
Jun 2, 2013
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Worst decisions I made was with trades. I traded out Ryder for Nankervis, traded in Sloane, Rockliff and Lloyd just as soon as their form went belly up, etc.


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Dec 5, 2005
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sydney swans
I shouldnt have listened to everyone on here not starting dusty because he was mid only, Also should have traded him in instead of Pendles in about round 8-9.

Starting Shaw over Doch also cost me hunreds of points throughout the year. got Doch in after his bye though right before he went up a heap.

Starting with Treloar was a huge brain fart looking back but i was sure he was in for huuuge year but now hes gone and put himself on the never again list for the forseeable future.

Zak jones didnt quite have the year i thought he was in for either after starting with him, despite showing glimpes of it and having a few brilliant games, might be one for next year or the year after.

Teamhonk are having their off season review in the coming weeks there will be a few new policies introduced for the coming seasons, the board members, president, ceo and coaching staff all agree that change is needed for this club to be where it needs to be next year.
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