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Aug 8, 2007
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All - apologies for the "rookie" question, but am a little behind on SC at the moment. Are there any mid rookies worth looking at that I can cash in Mr Fisher for? The likelihood of playing games would be good. M/D or M/F would be a bonus but not essential.

Daniel McL

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May 21, 2014
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Chris Scott mentioned that Jamaine Jones ($102K FWD) and Jack Henry ($106.9K FWD) are in contention to be upgraded to the senior list with Lincoln McCarthy out for the year and probably being put on the Long Term Injury list.

Out of the two, Jones would be a better chance in my opinion, a small zippy pressure forward would be the best replacement for Cockatoo this week with both Menzel & Motlop still ruled out. Henry is more a 3rd marking tall who is a good contested mark but needs to work on his goalkicking, while Jones kicked a bag of 5 a few weeks ago in the VFL.

Not sure if anyone needs rookies at the moment but thought it was worth mentioning, unfortunately out of the two it looked like Jones would be pushing for a debut Rnd1 2018 after building his tank more and would be good rookie pick for next season but he may make his debut now.

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Nov 14, 2005
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Feel like Glass is the option to downgrade to, so I can make a final, finals upgrade.

Thinking Perryman and Fisher for Glass and D. Beams

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