News 2017 Round 1 Blockbuster Friday Night vs Collingwood

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Club Legend
Oct 30, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
What a great start to the year. Friday night blockbuster against the Pies, then I expect a home game at Etihad for the flag unfurling (I'd love the first home game to be also at the G) and then round 4 Good Friday that would also be great at the G.


Sep 23, 2009
Out searching for omens pointing to our next flag.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Be interesting to see how the pies go next year, they have some good kids, I'm not sure what's missing from them, perhaps injuries last year, but I feel more to it than that. Darcy Moore is a total gun and they need Reid fit. Wells adds something, Mayne also, but it feels a bit short term. Be an good game of footy I reckon, Cloke adds to the intrigue if he plays.

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