2017 SFL Season Thread

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  1. The Majestic

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    Jun 05
    Hobart, Tasmania
    SFL Finals Week 1 Fixture

    Qualifying Final


    Lindisfarne vs Claremont at Anzac Park 2pm


    Lindisfarne vs Claremont at 12pm


    New Norfolk vs Southern Storm at Cygnet 10am

    Elimination Final


    Cygnet vs Dodges Ferry at Cygnet 2pm


    Dodges Ferry vs Hobart at 12pm


    Claremont vs Lindisfarne at Anzac Park 10am

    Times may change if the SFLW Final is played at Anzac Park, if there are any changes I will post an update.

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  2. The Majestic

    The Majestic Brownlow Medallist

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    Jun 05
    Hobart, Tasmania
    Confirmation of the first SFL finals weekend

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  3. The Majestic

    The Majestic Brownlow Medallist

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    Jun 05
    Hobart, Tasmania
  4. Kingpin

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    Jan 04
    Well with only the Grand Final to play in the SFL, we're winding down to the end of another season.
    In the Elimination Final a few weeks back Cygnet hosted Dodges Ferry and in a close and tough game the Cygnet boys held out the Sharks by 8 points.
    On the same day in the Qualifying Final at Lindisfarne, the home side gave dual reigning premier Claremont and ten goal plus touch up.
    The following week saw Semi Final action, at Boyer Oval in the 2nd Semi Final, Lindisfarne travelled out to the Valley Of Love to tackle the previously unbeaten New Norfolk and played out of their skins to come away with a 13 point victory and book a place in the Grand Final.
    Meanwhile at Abbotsfield Park in Claremont the Magpies hosted Cygnet in a do-or-die 1st Semi Final. After a close first half, Claremont gradually drew away from the contest and ran out 37 point winners to end The Port's season and earn the right to meet New Norfolk, their old adversary for the past few years, in the Preliminary Final.
    Today at North Hobart Oval New Norfolk, smarting from last weeks home defeat to Lindisfarne came out blazing early and put the first five goals on Claremont keeping the Magpies scoreless in the first quarter.
    After opening up a 32 point lead, Claremont got back into the contest to draw within 12 points by midway through the second quarter only to see the Eagles steady and lead by 27 points at half time.
    From there on it was no contest as New Norfolk blasted the reigning premier off the park to take a 73 point lead into the final change before running out 64 points victors to earn a rematch with Lindisfarne at North Hobart next Saturday.
  5. Tigerssaints

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    St Kilda
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    Sep 12
  6. Kingpin

    Kingpin Brownlow Medallist

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    Jan 04
    Well the 2017 SFL Season has come to an end with a thrilling grand final in abysmal conditions at North Hobart today.
    Rain, hail, sleet and strong winds buffeted the ground all day, temperature of 6°C by the start of the senior game.
    New Norfolk hoping to win another flag while Lindisfarne was hoping to break a 27 year premiership drought where they've lost five grand finals since their 1989 Southern Amateurs premiership title.
    The Two Blues got a good start and jumped the Eagles early had a five goal to one opening quarter.
    New Norfolk hit back in the second quarter to reduce the margin at half time but by the latter stages of the third quarter, Lindisfarne looked likely to break their long drought as they continuously had all the answers.
    A goal after the three quarter time siren to Zeke Gardam kept New Norfolk in it but a big effort in the pouring rain and cold in the final term was required by the Eagles to get up.
    New Norfolk threw everything at Lindisfarne for the first 12 minutes but only held a narrow lead, the Two Blues then settled and had the ball in their forward line continuously for the next ten minutes but great tackling and strong pressure by both sides kept it tight.
    Laycock was a behemoth in the ruck continuously winning for New Norfolk and late in the game New Norfolk, still narrowly in front held on for grim death only for Lindisfarne to snatch a goal from a snap at the 28 minute mark to hit the lead.
    Surely the Two Blues luck had finally changed?
    From the restart the Eagles went down ground and from a spillage the ball went to an Eagle player who snapped the match winner with about a minute to spare.
    A vocal crowd screaming and roaring every tackle until the siren went.
    Great game of footy in front of a pretty disappointing crowd, no doubt the shocking weather affecting numbers.
    Laycock got BOG.
    In the Colts, Hobart who had won one game in about five years at Colts level (they had no team at all for three years) won 19-0 leading into the Grand Final against a plucky Southern Storm (Cygnet-Kermandie).
    In a tense and nerve-racking first three quarters, little separated the two sides until Hobart kicked away in the final term to win by 20 points and complete a 20-0 season.
    It was Hobart's first senior club premiership since their Colts won in 2000.
    In the Reserves Lindisfarne, who narrowly snuck into the Grand Final over Hobart the previous week proved far too good for New Norfolk all day in atrocious weather conditions and won by 40 points.
    Lindisfarne eaked out a narrow win over South East Suns in the women's grand final by 10.
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  7. Kingpin

    Kingpin Brownlow Medallist

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    Jan 04
    SFL Grand Finals: 1996-2017
    1996: Kingston 12.15 (87) d Channel 11.4 (70)
    ● Attendance: 4,149 at Abbotsfield Park, Claremont.

    1997: Claremont 10.14 (74) d Kingston 8.1 (49)
    ● Attendance: 1,800 at KGV Football Park.

    1998: Brighton 10.8 (68) dw Cygnet 10.8 (68)
    ● Attendance: 2,100 at KGV Football Park.
    (Replay) Brighton 14.24 (108) d Cygnet 5.12 (42)
    ● Attendance: 1,500 at KGV Football Park.

    1999: Hobart 20.9 (129) d Brighton 11.12 (78)
    ● Attendance: 3,896 at Huonville Recreation Ground.

    2000: Kermandie 13.11 (89) d New Norfolk 8.11 (59)
    ● Attendance: 5,400 at North Hobart Oval.

    2001: Clarence 17.19 (121) d Glenorchy 11.11 (77)
    ● Attendance: 4,801 at North Hobart Oval.

    2002: Clarence 12.17 (89) d North Hobart 10.8 (68) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 4,819 at North Hobart Oval.
    2002: Cygnet 9.13 (67) d Lauderdale 4.7 (31) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 2,460 at North Hobart Oval.

    2003: North Hobart 21.20 (146) d Hobart 5.6 (36) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 4,289 at North Hobart Oval.
    2003: Cygnet 20.9 (129) d Lauderdale 11.11 (77) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 3,423 at North Hobart Oval.

    2004: Clarence 17.12 (114) d New Norfolk 12.9 (81) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 6,132 at North Hobart Oval.
    2004: Cygnet 21.15 (141) d Sorell 9.10 (64) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 3,000 at North Hobart Oval.

    2005: New Norfolk 19.16 (130) d Clarence 14.8 (92) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 5,114 at North Hobart Oval.
    2005: Kermandie 17.11 (113) d Cygnet 17.5 (107) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 3,800 at North Hobart Oval.

    2006: Clarence 17.13 (115) d Glenorchy 11.12 (78) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 7,149 at North Hobart Oval.
    2006: Dodges Ferry 14.13 (97) d Sorell 13.9 (87) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 3,715 at North Hobart Oval.

    2007: Glenorchy 14.22 (106) d Clarence 4.14 (38) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 7,091 at North Hobart Oval.
    2007: Kermandie 16.13 (109) d Huonville Lions 14.13 (97) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 4,303 at North Hobart Oval.

    2008: Glenorchy 21.14 (140) d North Hobart 12.17 (89) (Premier League)
    ● Attendance: 6,224 at North Hobart Oval.
    2008: Huonville Lions 16.13 (109) d Lindisfarne 9.14 (68) (Regional League)
    ● Attendance: 4,397 at North Hobart Oval.

    2009: New Norfolk 15.11 (101) d Lindisfarne 10.9 (69)
    ● Attendance: 3,804 at North Hobart Oval.

    2010: New Norfolk 20.18 (138) d Dodges Ferry 10.6 (66)
    ● Attendance: 5,203 at KGV Football Park.

    2011: Kingborough 22.7 (139) d New Norfolk 13.12 (90)
    ● Attendance: 6,907 at KGV Football Park.

    2012: New Norfolk 10.18 (78) d Lindisfarne 11.7 (73)
    ● Attendance: 4,956 at KGV Football Park.

    2013: New Norfolk 15.15 (105) d Claremont 9.8 (62)
    ● Attendance: 5,337 at KGV Football Park.

    2014: New Norfolk 28.9 (177) d Claremont 14.10 (94)
    ● Attendance: 3,900 at KGV Football Park.

    2015: Claremont 16.15 (111) d New Norfolk 6.11 (47)
    ● Attendance: 4,368 at KGV Football Park.

    2016: Claremont 13.13 (91) d Lindisfarne 11.17 (83)
    ● Attendance: 4,023 at North Hobart Oval.

    2017: New Norfolk 13.14 (92) d Lindisfarne 13.9 (87)
    ● Attendance: 3,330 at North Hobart Oval.

    Leading Goalkicker
    1996: Brad Howarth (Channel) 123
    1997: Darren Kaye (Lindisfarne) 101
    1998: Micheal Darcy (Cygnet) 106
    1999: Dale Hall (Hobart) 88
    2000: Michael McGregor (Kermandie) 104
    2001: Robbie Devine (North Hobart) 102
    2002: Robbie Devine (North Hobart) 60 (Premier League)
    2002: Justin Westbury (Lauderdale) 81 (Regional League)
    2003: Matthew Smith (New Norfolk) 67 (Premier League)
    2003: Michael Darcy (Cygnet) 113 (Regional League)
    2004: Sean Salter (Glenorchy) 65 (Premier League)
    2004: Michael Darcy (Cygnet) 105 (Regional League)
    2005: Sean Salter (New Norfolk) 69 (Premier League)
    2005: Michael Darcy (Cygnet) 100 (Regional League)
    2006: Michael Darcy (Kingborough) 94 (Premier League)
    2006: Jamie Tubb (Lindisfarne) 77 (Regional League)
    2007: Mitch Williamson (Clarence) 58 (Premier League)
    2007: Michael Darcy (Cygnet) 103 (Regional League)
    2008: Robbie Devine (North Hobart) 82 (Premier League)
    2008: Chris Joyce (Huonville Lions) 136 (Regional League)
    2009: Adrian Burdon (New Norfolk) 106
    2010: Clint Curtain (Claremont) 87
    2011: Tim Lamprill (Kingborough) 105
    2012: Michael Thompson (New Norfolk) 101
    2013: Ben Halton (Cygnet) 88
    2014: Josh Hall (New Norfolk) 112
    2015: Sean Salter (Claremont) 101
    2016: Sean Salter (Claremont) 90
    2017: Michael Cassidy (Lindisfarne) 72

    Medal Winners
    Hodgman Medal Winners: SFL/SFL Regional League.
    1996: Jason Gulliver (Claremont)
    1997: Tim Blanden (Lindisfarne)
    1998: Andrew Beveridge (Channel)
    1999: Jason Philp (Huonville Lions)
    2000: Brendan Browning (Brighton)
    2001: Damien Dillon (Cygnet)
    2002: Brad Marsland (Lauderdale)
    2003: Danny Noonan (Dodges Ferry)
    2004: Jeremy Brereton (Cygnet)
    2005: Craig McLeod (Dodges Ferry) & Michael Gowans (Channel)
    2006: Nick Doyle (Huonville Lions)
    2007: Andrew Nash (Kermandie)
    2008: Jamie Curran (Dodges Ferry)

    Horrie Gorringe Medal Winners: (SFL Premier League)
    2002: Matthew Jones (New Norfolk) ● Awarded Retrospectively
    2003: Brendon Bolton (North Hobart) ● Awarded Retrospectively

    William Leitch Medal Winners: (SFL/SFL Premier League/SFL)
    2001: Damien Dillon (Cygnet) ● Awarded Retrospectively
    2002: Matthew Jones (New Norfolk) ● Awarded Retrospectively
    2003: Brendon Bolton (North Hobart) ● Awarded Retrospectively
    2004: Brock Ackerley (New Norfolk) & Roger Belcher (New Norfolk)
    2005: David Newitt (Glenorchy)
    2006: Jesse Crouch (Glenorchy)
    2007: Brad Carver (New Norfolk)
    2008: Shane Piuselli (Glenorchy)
    2009: Roger Belcher (New Norfolk)
    2010: James Lange (Huonville Lions)
    2011: Nathan Ross (New Norfolk)
    2012: Michael Thompson (New Norfolk)
    2013: Nathan Ross (New Norfolk)
    2014: Caden Wilson (New Norrfolk)
    2015: Nathan Brown (Claremont)
    2016: Troy Cunliffe (Lindisfarne)
    2017: Troy Cunliffe (Lindisfarne)
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  8. Gersman

    Gersman Draftee

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    May 17
    Been away for a bit but as predicted, Norfik won the grand final over the Two Blues.
    Not by much though, the farne must be wondering if they'll ever win a grannie ever again. I make that seven they've lost since they last won one in the southern amateurs in the late 80s.
    Must be a mental thing with them because they've had sides capable of winning easily down the years and NN's self belief won them that premiership. Great game, I watched it on the live stream.
    Great effort by the Hobart 18s to go undefeated all year to win it over Cygnet, Channel, Kermandie etc in the final.
    Big turnaround from not winning a game the year before! Lindisfarne winning the magoos grand final was a huge upset, NN hadn't dropped a game all year and spent half of the match trying to be all tough and blew it.
    Weather looked poor and so was the crowd, not sure what the final number was but not much above two and half thou.
    Heard a rumour yeaterday that Matthew Smith was leaving New Norfolk to coach Brighton!
    Can't be surely?
    Hobart are apparently chasing a former AFL player to play next year as a playing assistant coach.
    Kim Excell back coaching Claremont with David Hunt leaving to go play down at the Sharkies.
    Any others???
  9. Kingpin

    Kingpin Brownlow Medallist

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    Jan 04
    There was a rumour getting around that Hobart were after recently retired former Adelaide Crow and Tassie Devil Ian Callinan that just retired from Clarence this season.
    Instead Hobart have secured the services of former Hobart City Demons player Jayden Charlton as playing assistant coach.
    Said to have been a very valuable contributor in his time at the Demons in TSL footy and comes highly recommended.
    That rumour regarding Matthew Smith is 100% correct!
    Brighton have announced that Matthew Smith, four-time premiership coach at New Norfolk as well as a former coach at Kingborough Tigers and assistant coach at Glenorchy has signed up for 2018.
    Huge signing for the struggling Robins, seems strange that he'd put all that work into rebuilding New Norfolk again and take them to a flag only to walk away.
    Possibly after a new challenge?
  10. Whowants2know

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    Beautide The Tassie Terminator
    Jun 12
    How many will go with him??
  11. Kingpin

    Kingpin Brownlow Medallist

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    Jan 04
    Hard to say really. You'd have to think that a few would follow him down the Midland Highway to Pontville.
    They'll probably need a few up there, their best player, Cal Daly signed up with Glenorchy for next year so I was told so they'll be short on cattle.

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