Welcome 2018 draft pick 52: Welcome to Hawthorn Jacob Koschitzke


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May 11, 2008
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Don't get me wrong, I reckon he'll be a great player. He's definitely athletic enough.
That's the view that I took away from your post. I was more just pointing out to anyone who might consider him a slower version of Frawley that the other attributes you mentioned makes him a similar sort of defender to Lake. One that doesn't rely on athletic ability to be a gun.

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Feb 13, 2003
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I'd say we should be excited about every kid coming through unless they give us enough reason not to be.

From my viewing, Kosi has struggled with injury a bit this year which is probably due to being conservative with injury troubles from last year. That being said, he's a bloke I expect to make a very reliable AFL level defender.

He plays a fair bit like Frawley, in that he's really effective at using his body in spoiling - has a fair bit less toe than Frawley at his peak, but is a better read of the ball and mark and is a bit more composed.
Good size, strong body and reads the play well.. perfect player to man the big lumps like Hawkins/Lynch and Brown, guys that aren’t elite quick.
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