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Jul 7, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm going to kick off the pledges thread for player sponsorship now.

So, to recap, in 2017 we raised the rather large amount of $5,675 which gave us enough to sponsor seven players and also have $425 left to throw into the pot for this year's sponsorship.

Donations are generally to be in $25 increments. People who donate between $50 and $99 receive a BFSC Gold membership, and people who donate $100 or more get a BFSC Platinum membership.

For every player we sponsor, we receive two tickets to the player sponsorship night- last year 14 of us went along, and had a great time meeting and chatting to the players. We also receive a signed and framed player photo. Both the tickets and pictures will be determined by way of a draw, and this is why donations in $25 increments are preferred- for every $25 you donate, you get one entry into each draw. So the more you donate, the more chance you'll have of coming up trumps.

In 2017 we sponsored Orazio Fantasia, Shaun McKernan, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Aaron Francis, Trav Colyer, Michael Hartley and Ben Howlett.

This year, the cost is $895 per player, which is an increase on the 2017 price, however, the sponsorship package comes with a few new options for 2018. These new options include access for two (per sponsored player) into Essendon’s Player sponsor function room at each Etihad Stadium home game.

With the combination of $425 from 2017 and the guaranteed $200 from BigFooty, we're already sitting on $625 so we almost have enough for one player already. The amounts we'll need are:

2 players - $1,790
3 players - $2,685
4 players - $3,580
5 players - $4,475
6 players - $5,370
7 players - $6,265

Doss has always been a very strong believer that we maintain sponsorship of individual players as long as they remain Essendon players. With the departure of Ben Howlett we are looking at maintaining the sponsorship of six players. If we do happen to raise enough to sponsor seven or more players as a forum, then we will start a poll to determine who those players are.

So why get involved?

1) It is a great way to show a bit of extra support for the players
2) You get shiny badges next to your name- who doesn't like shiny badges?
3) Those who have been to the functions can vouch for this, it really is a bunch of fun getting to meet the players and other people at the club. Not to mention other posters
4) The satisfaction of being part of the sponsorship effort is quite fulfilling

So, pledge away folks. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Lore Loonerty and myself will keep the running total of pledges updated in the OP as they come in.

Please note at this time, we are only completing pledges, payment for these pledges will be requested in early February on the return of Doss

Pledges as at 9th March 2018

Left over from 2017 - $425
Big footy - $200
Lord Nicholson - $200
Beerfish - $100
IriDiuM - $50
Shermy - $50
mad_monkey_j - $50
boncer34 - $100
yaco55 - $50
Maddogm - $100
bombre-boy - $100
table tennis - $100
zackah - $100
bgt2110 - $50
Mercurial89 - $50
CourtzMajora - $50
BomberFan355 - $50
Slice and Dyson - $100
HirdsTheWord - $25
sameolds33 - $100
brutus76 - $100
scezza - $100
DapperDon - $100
The Dustbin - $50
VelvetSledge - $50
Harlequin - $100
tesla1962 - $50
Lore - $100
ezard15 - $50
jmoo wan - $50
DonsRule - $25
D_P_S - $50
BigJoeD_ - $100
Jade - $125
Doss - $150
DERO - $125
The_princess - $100
Dave - $125
mike14 $100
Rebellya - $100
eth-dog - $100
Dons4Ever - $50
Duckworth - $100
Bipolarbear - $50
Donakebab - $50
84859300 - $100
raskolnikov - $50
Loonerty - $50

Total $4,350

Conditional on sponsoring a fifth player (target is $4,475)

DERO - $50
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