Player Sponsorship 2018 Player Sponsorship - Bank details

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Apr 14, 2010
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As you may notice, things have remained the same for 2018.....

If you live overseas... or if you have problems depositing cash into this account, I (Garf) do have Paypal. PM me for details. The current exchange rate is 1 AUD = 2 squares of dark chocolate with sea salt ! :)

The bank account we have used for player sponsorship is dedicated only to that purpose. Messenger is the account holder, and with his permission the details appear below. The quickest and easiest way to transfer is with Internet Banking.

Account details

ING Bank

BSB: 923-100
Account: 30845657

Name: BigFooty Hawks

Given the number of transactions entering with similar amounts it helps to add your username as the reference when you make payment. In addition if you add an odd number of cents to the amount, I can pick it out more easily.

Once you have contributed, please post in this thread and the amount and the date you sent it.

If you'd like your contribution to remain private in this forum, please PM me or simply posts the cents on the end of the transaction. As they hit the account, Messenger shall advise me of payments so I can post the receipt numbers periodically.

If we do not raise sufficient funds at this point, those packages for which we can't afford will become available to others. They will be snapped up quickly.

If anyone has any objections, I'd prefer to keep Brand, Cousins and Nash. It's a realistic package we can afford.

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May 11, 2008
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From memory some ING account holders had trouble xferring to Messenger's ING account. I think it has to do with that a/c being dormant for a while.
Whatever the reason it's doing it again this year for me (ING acc.)

I assume your paypal details are the same as last year?

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