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Jun 3, 2009
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2018 Player Sponsorship

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully we can take a backwards step from the Grand final celebrations to look towards 2018 and potential player sponsorships

Just a disclaimer first off. There is no requirement to participate in our boards player sponsorship, it is open to anyone that wants to be involved. For those that do participate, thank you for your support.

Last year we managed to raise $3000 for the club and sponsored four players in Houli (4th year), McIntosh (4th year), Menadue (2nd year) and Short(2nd year). Hopefully we'll be able to raise this much, or more, again in 2017.

Normally 4 player sponsorships would cost $7,000 ($1,750 per player) but the club has been very supportive over the years and helped us with discounts. Last year we raised just shy of $3,000 and with left over money from the year before, we were able to sponsor the 4 players for $3,500 ($875 per player) - saving about $2,500.

With the premiership bandwagon in full swing our price has gone up to the Coterie price of $1,250 per player so we will need to raise $5,000 if we wish to continue sponsoring 4 players

Speaking from experience, the player sponsorship offerings from the club are top notch. Plus it's great to meet some of your fellow posters in real life. If you're not familiar with player sponsorship, you can read up here:

2017 Benefits included:(there may be some additions for 2018)
  • An invitation to attend the annual Player Sponsor Dinner, sitting with your sponsored player.
  • Player Sponsorship BBQ and Private Training session.
  • Exclusive Richmond Football Club facility tour.
  • Personalised 2017 Richmond Guernsey.
  • Personal signed photo with your sponsored player.
  • Your name alongside your sponsored players name in the Richmond training facilities.
The above benefits are 1 per sponsorship - which means (just like in previous years) we will need to raffle off each prize.

At this stage, we're just looking for pledges and expressions of interest from anyone who wants to participate again for 2018. Last year each share price was set at $50 so unless there's any major objections, we'll keep that the same.

If making a pledge, please be sure to mention how much you'd like to contribute.

For sponsoring, you will receive the following (refer to under my name for examples of badges):
  • A 2018 Player Sponsor Badge
  • 1x Player Badge (of your choice from our sponsored players) per $50 share
  • 2x Raffle Tickets per $50 share that can be allocated in any combination towards the following prizes (I'll explain this further below): (The below may be subject to change)
Option 1) Player Sponsor Dinner
Option 2) Player Sponsor BBQ and Private Training session
Option 3) Inner Sanctum Tour
Option 4) Player Sponsor Signed 2017 Richmond Guernsey

Note: I'm waiting to hear back from the club on the function dates and will advise in due course.

In addition, BigFooty provides the following to anyone that contributes towards their boards player sponsorships (refer here for details on these memberships):
  • $50 contributions - BigFooty Gold
  • $100+ contributes - BigFooty Platinum

Prize Raffle Explanation
In previous years we've just put everyone against every prize unless they've said otherwise. This hasn't really turned out to be practical as many people found it hard to attend the functions. By having raffle tickets this allows people to put their name into the prizes they want. Basically we want to ensure a fair and even distribution of prizes.

To nominate your options you'll need to tell myself once you make your bank transfer for the player sponsorship. The options can be in any combination. For example if you had three sponsorships shares ($150) then you would have 6 tickets. You could allocate 2 to the Dinner, 1 to the BBQ & Tour and 3 to the Guernsey. If you don't care about the guernsey, or figure more people will go for the guernsey, then you might put 2 tickets in each of the functions. The intention of providing the dates is so you can confirm in advance if you can attend.

Payment (IMPORTANT: Don't send any yet - need to determine if we have enough interest across the board first. If/Once we have enough interest/pledges, we will then start the collection).

If you don't have the bank account details we use already (it's the same as previous years) then send Heisenberg_ and/or myself a PM and we will provide it.Please make sure you enter your BigFooty account name as the deposit description so we know it's from you.

If you have any questions or part of the above needs further explanation, just ask. Feel free to share your own experiences to help others make up their mind as well.

P.S - NUFC Tiger will be walking me through this so please have some patience. Thank you

P.P.S - Also feel free to state whether you're happy with the current players; or if you'd like to change the guard a bit. If we can only muster funds for 3 players we will also need to drop someone.

2018 Events

Events confirmed as below

if you have not paid or let me know how you wish to have your tickets allocated or wish to change your allocation then please let me know ASAP

1. Player/Player Sponsor Meet & Greet

All sponsors and their chosen players are invited to a casual cocktail event in the Maurice Rioli Club room here at the Swinburne Centre on Friday, March 16th. This event will give you and fellow sponsors to meet with your sponsored player ahead of the 2018 Season.

Date: Friday, March 16th 2018

Time: 5.30pm arrival for 5.45pm start

Event concludes at 6.30pm (Guests & players will then move down to the Sports Hall for the Coterie Season Launch)

Location: Maurice Rioli Club room, Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval, Richmond VIC 3121

Coterie Season Launch

Following the Meet & Greet Cocktail Event, all Player Sponsors are invited to join the Richmond Football Club in welcoming the 2018 season at our Coterie Season Launch. An official invitation will be emailed to you in the first week of March, please keep in mind that this will also include your invitation to the Meet & Greet cocktail.

Date: Friday, March 16th 2018

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Sports Hall, Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval, Richmond VIC 3121

2. Annual Player Sponsor Dinner

The annual Player Sponsor Dinner is back for 2018! All sponsors will spend an evening of entertainment with their sponsored player. The date for this event has been confirmed for Wednesday, May 9th (my apologies for anyone who has been advised it being on May 8th, due to football schedules this has been revised). Further event details will be advised closer to the date.

3. Swinburne Centre Facility Tour

Join us as some of the Players take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Richmond Football Club facilities. The 2017 Premiership Cup will be making a special appearance and you will be given the opportunity to have your photo taken with the Cup, along with a copy for your keepsakes. More details to come in-season.

4. Jumper signed by sponsored player
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