2018 VFL season

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Dogs till i die

Club Legend
Dec 30, 2003
Melbourne western region
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Bulldogs / Willy / Palace
The Stand Alones at VFL level are all at risk in the current format. Wanna be Gurus at AFL Victoria level can decide all their fate at their discretion. History will continue pouring down the drain if so
Time for the stand alones to stand up for each other, time they broke away. Dreaming, I know.

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Senior List
Apr 7, 2009
AFL Club
Hoping Frankston have turned the corner with the recruitment of ex-Saint and Pie, Nathan Freeman. Hope he can stay fit and help lift the Dolphins with the help of a few others.
Freeman, had such a good reputation as a player , but sadly injures have taken a toll on him. Lets hope he can help the Dolphins :)


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
North Ballarat
AFL: Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, North Melbourne, Richmond, Footscray
VFL: Coburg, Werribee, Williamstown, Frankston, Port Melbourne, Tasmania?
Thank you Eth - I was just curious as to why curtain raisers should be limited to the AFL sides,
it'd be great for Coburg or Frankston to gain additional exposure (and by extension additional members).

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