VFL 2019/20 & 20/21 VFL list changes & offseason discussion

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Jul 16, 2006
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Why you think That?
Loves the club, loved by the boys. Has a tough situation at home. With Oxley gone they’ll need to fill a spot with someone with experience. Plus I’ve seen videos of him still at the club, so a sneaky feeling they’ll help him out.


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Feb 23, 2007
northern suburbs, VIC
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Collingwood VFL
Well might hurt the 1sts they make Finals and 2nds Don't
I don't disagree Dave, but i can assure you that results in the VFL are most definetly secondary.

The way the club sees it, is that if our seniors and depth are good enough to win a flag the seconds will easily make and wins VFL finals (see richmond). The argument they'd give you in 2018 is injuries cruelled us, and whilst out seniors weathered the storm the VFL couldn't.


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Aug 20, 2009
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Rule changes for 2020 confirmed, justified on the weird basis of aligning VFL and NEAFL list structures over the next 3 years. Two separate comps don't need the same list management rules, so it very much suggests a move towards an AFL reserves comp. Will we see a VFL and NEAFL merger in 2023 before a whole national reserves down the track?

Arguably the biggest rule change is the need to include 2 developing players each match; the previous 23rd man remains with the 22nd player now required to be a 19 year old development player. With teams having more developing players in their side it will make experienced VFL players even more important.

And following the rape and pillage of the VFA, we will conclude with the murder of the last few survivors.

Snoop Dog

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 25, 2005
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Gippy Power
Hearing a rumour that Charlie Dean (192cm centre half forward) from the Sandringham Dragons will be signing with Collingwood VFL.
yeah was someone who at the start of the year was expected to get drafted. Really fell away through the year and be worth a watch.

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