Competitions 2019/20 AFC Board Draft Game - Want to Play?

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Mar 23, 2007
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Happy to play as well, however, I have 2x work trips in the lead up to Christmas, so I'll be a bit sketchy...

If you find someone better (obviously way less funny though) I can drop out for them.

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Aug 20, 2013
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I think Scorpus will be good at running this. Plus, hopefully it will distract him and he won’t draft all the players I’m considering.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
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These will be the rules for the AFC Board Draft Game 2019/20 Season. Let me know if you think of anything else that should be in there

New Rules and Changes

1. Only trading of draft positions will be allowed. No pick or player swaps during or after the draft. After your draft position is determined, you may trade it before the draft starts with another participant. This would swap all of your picks with their picks.

2. If you believe you will be unavailable to take your pick, you can message me some preferences and I will pick the next available player in your list for you.

3. There will be a period at the end of the draft where you can delist any players you have drafted and re-draft from the remaining pool. This will come in handy if a player you draft picks up a long term injury while the draft is running. The order of re-drafting is first come, first served. Players who are delisted are ineligible for re-drafting by any team.

4. For the points system, I have removed the points for Rising Star winners. This will not factor into the equation in 2020

Regular Rules

5. Your squad can contain a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 30 players. I recommend taking 30 players to maximize your chance of a high score in the Points System

6. There is a two hour time limit to take your pick between the hours of 9am and 8pm ACDT Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday to Sunday. There is no time limit outside these hours. The time limit also does not apply on Christmas Day (December 25th) and Boxing Day (December 26th). Please be understanding that many players have lives outside of BigFooty (hard to believe, I know) so don't be annoyed if a player takes their entire 2 hours to pick.

6.1 If you don't pick within your allocated time, the next player can draft immediately, however you can come back and draft at any time. If one of your picks is skipped, all future picks are also skipped until you return. Please message me preferences if you think you will be away for a while

6.2 Please tag the next player after you pick.

7. If you pick a player that has already been selected, or isn't on an AFL list, you can make your selection again at any time. However, you will be deemed to have made a selection so the game will continue; the participant after you can immediately start drafting, for example.

7.1 It's best practice in the game to not mention AFL players who haven't been selected yet in the general game thread

8. Players who join an AFL list during the game, eg. as a delisted free agent or through the SPP, are immediately eligible for drafting in this game.

Ways to Win

--Voting System--

Once the game is finished, everyone will need to rank the top 8 teams and submit them to me via PM. You will have several weeks post draft to complete this. Expect follow up messages. The rankings will be combined into an overall top 8 for the competition.

When the top 8 is determined, the top 4 will go into a playoff system (1v4, 2v3) where you will vote again on the direct team matchups and who you think would be more likely to win. This progresses to a Grand Final, and the winner of that gets crowned Winner by Voting.

--Points System--

This is determined after the 2020 season concludes. Each player you draft accrues points as follows:
  • Games Played: 1 point per game
  • Brownlow Medal: 20 points for 1st place, 15 points for 2nd place, 13 points for 3rd place down to 1 point for 15th place
  • All Australian: 15 points for team, 5 points for squad
  • Coleman Medal: 15 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 15th place in the goal kicking list
  • Club B&F: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • AFL Player Ratings: 10 points for 1st ranking at the player's club, down to 0 points for 30th ranking
  • AFLCA Coaches Award: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • Norm Smith Medal: 10 points
  • 22under22: 5 points for team
  • Premiership Player: 5 points for each

  • Every player drafted accrues points in full, up until a maximum of 484 games (22 players x 22 games) are played across your squad.
  • If your squad plays more than 484 games in total, the score for your lowest scoring players will not be counted proportional to how many games over the 484 limit your squad is
  • For example if your squad plays 490 games, and your lowest scoring player plays 10 games, 6/10 games will not count for that player, so only 40% of their score will be added to your total
There are also positional restrictions to ensure you don't draft a team of midfielders
  • Your team of 22 must include a minimum of 6 forwards, 6 defenders, and 6 midfielders.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 rucks. Each ruck must average at least 2 hitouts per match to qualify.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 key position forwards and at least 2 key position defenders.
  • Your emergency list must contain at least 1 defender and at least 1 forward.
  • All positions except for second ruck to be defined by the AFL Player Ratings System

  • (Positional requirements are only to stop people 'cheating' by selecting an entire team of midfielders. I'm usually quite lenient on this aspect)
  • Failing to meet the positional requirements will result in 1/22th of your score being deducted for each required player that you fail to include in your squad.
  • For example if your best 22 only has 5 defenders, 4.5% of your final score will be deducted
The team with the most points at the conclusion of the 2020 season is concluded Winner by Points

Tips for the points system (for newcomers)

1. Draft players who you think will be All Australian. When there are none left, draft players who will place in the top 10 of the B&F. When there are none of those, draft players who will play 22 games.

2. A significant chunk of points are allocated to games played. Players with high games counts also tend to win awards and place in the B&F. Therefore in the later rounds it's generally a better strategy to draft mediocre players who are fringe best 22, than speculative players who might become best 22. This is especially true for younger players.

3. Be aware of the AFL Player Ratings. Highly ranked players there can improve your score even if they don't play. Conversely, young players enter the system with very low points from Player Ratings, so drafting first or second year players isn't always advisable

4. Try not to overrate Adelaide Crows players. Generally these players are snapped up sooner than they should be. Meanwhile players from a team like the Gold Coast can be on the board longer than they should be
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