Competitions 2019/20 AFC Board Draft Game - Want to Play?

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lick the stamp and send it
Aug 21, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Wigan, Hornets, Kimi Raikkonen
Skam will be disqualified if he doesn't post his team placeholder by 9am.

Freddy Bassett yep we'll let you in, just in the nick of time. Always happy to accommodate returning players. Especially with skam looking likely to be disqualified.

Post a placeholder in the thread immediately though. It starts on Monday at 9am ACDT

Given we've already drawn the draft order we'll put you in 17th spot. I'll update the order in a moment
I'm here. I don't really use BF on weekends, but will make exception for the draft.

This is my placeholder. Name etc pending.

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