2019/20 Off-Season Thread

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Pick 19, Jye Caldwell & James Worpel -> Tasmanian Magpies
Tim Kelly, Christian Salem & Lachlan Sholl -> Harbour City Hornets

Magpies confirm.


Caldwell $325k for 2yrs
Worpel $439k for 2 yrs

Confirm - Kelly $954k, 4 years, Salem $565k, 2 years, Sholl same contract

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Ballarat Dragons trade Marcus Adams, Jordan Roughead and Pick 53
to Wagga Wagga Warthogs for Dougal Howard and Pick 44

Dougal Howard $225k, 3 years

Gee Dub to confirm.
Ballarat Dragons trade Luke McDonald and Pick 27 to
West Adelaide Wolverines for Liam Stocker and Pick 39

Liam Stocker 120k, 1 year

Hatchy1992 to confirm

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