Training 2019/20 Preseason Training

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I reckon I could probably keep up with them.

So about as little intensity as humanly possible.
Good thing you always had your swervability to fall back on.


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That's funny.
I'm certainly a long term eagles fan but tend not to rave too much about the team in general but credit where credit is due, Adam Simpson handled that interview beautifully. He came across as a genuine guy who was across all aspects of the players and handled the media in a helpful yet guarded way. I wish our Pollies could be as genuine as this guy is. He has proved in the past he is also capable of facing down stupid journo questions without fluster but also lets the person know he is annoyed but not rattled...EG Basil and his ridiculous culture comment. No wonder the club is respected as a well managed organisation. Similarly whether our draft picks succeed or not, I think there is no argument with the logic of each pick given the limited scope the club had to work with. In fact I have some optimism about these new guys as well as those from recent drafts. Very well run club!

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