2019 3rd Ashes Test 22-27 August Headingley

Who will win the 3rd test?

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STFU Donnie

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Jul 31, 2012
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Tim Paine and Matt Wade play with Archer at the Hobart Hurricanes . t20 george Bailey
in fact Hobart hurricanes last 2 yrs . gave him the START in international cricket
I know we all love the Big Bash League to death, but let's not get carried away and refer to it as "international cricket".

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Keg on legs

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Oct 5, 2014
The beer fridge
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St Kilda
The 4th test is gonna be fascinating. I get the sense the poms have played their GF and might find it hard to back it up. But, the question also exists whether we are broken or can we bounce back?

Gonna be a great 1st session

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