2019 4th Ashes Test 2019 Old Trafford

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Some time in 2021, maybe Adelaide Oval ---
First ABC commentator:
"As Archer runs in, we look at the 5-4 on-off field set for Smith with all fieldsmen behind the wicket in an arc from behind point to behind square. Two very fine backstops, over whose heads the last two balls have gone, for six.
Smith has adopted his luge stance specifically for this over, lying on his back with his head raised above his block mark, looking down at the bowler over his body and feet.
Archer aims one full at the top of middle stump, but Smith has worked out line and height from Archer's hand, put his bat in the air --- with the back of the bat facing the ball!! --- and sent the ball through wide midwicket for four.
Second ABC commentator:
"And there it is, Steve Smith's second 300 in this series, following his 287 in the previous Test, his 368, and his one failure before that ..."
First ABC commentator:
"Yes, I was as disappointed by that 194 as the rest of Australia ... who will ever forget Smith leaving that one ball, cocky-hopping a full 360 degrees with bat extended, out hit wicket?"

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Lets be honest.

If we didnt have Smith we'd probably lose 5-0

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Nah. We may or may not win the series without Smith, but we aren't losing 5-0 that's for sure. Without Smith it would be very even and tense.

But we've been pretty thoroughly dominant in our two wins, except for the start at Edgbaston. England pulled something out of their ass in their win and were a slight better off position at Lord's, but no means out of sight.

Anyway, it swings both ways. Without Stokes, England are in a lot of bother at Lord's and obviously don't win at Headingley.


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Jul 12, 2009
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It's an excerpt from his autobiography published last Thursday.

The best bit about Panesar's claims was when it was pointed out he never played in an England kit that had any zips on it and he was flummoxed. Quite a talented spinner, but clearly not blessed in the brains department.


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Those kind of celebrations shouldn't get anywhere near the media, how is someone allowed to get that close to take a picture?

It's lacking a bit of a class but it's no different to other countries who have sung 'underneath the southern cross' when they have won a series in Australia.
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