Preview 2019 AFL Grand Final chat - Richmond Vs GWS

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2004
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Yes and 11 months later we decided to get rid of the Fab 4 with no succession plan for any of them
Well at the end of 2016, both clubs reached a fork in the road. One had bombed out completely and the other had given it a good shot but run totally out of steam.

The first club seems to have looked into its issues from the top down. All levels of the club were scrutinised. Key people were backed, but challenged to improve. A realistic set of goals and standards were set and everyone stuck to them. A failing culture was reinvigorated by strong leadership.

The other club ran out of positive ideas. The leadership was not challenged or stimulated at all. Instead, changes were made further down the pecking order by people with unconditional and unwarranted support justified by moderate achievements. These changes were all at personnel level. Cultural issues remained - in fact, those who could help reset the culture were removed. Standards were lowered (ie "bottomed out") and core success criteria was compromised by external pursuits.
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Jun 22, 2015
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This has the potential to be a great game. Both teams will feel like they’ve got unfinished business.

GWS will be physical again. Tigers will know they have to match it. And I reckon there’s a good chance Mummy will go out swinging.
Hopefully he lands a few on Riewoldts and Dusty’s head if that is the case.

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