Preview 2019 AFL Grand Final chat - Richmond Vs GWS


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Oct 16, 2004
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Great to have a good one. Doesn't matter too much if you don't. Dean Cox in 2006 was probably the last elite ruckman to play in a premiership. Since then we've had

2007 - Brad Ottens
2008 - Brent Renouf & Rob Campbell
2009 - Ottens & Mark Blake
2010 - Darren Jolly
2011 - Ottens & Trent West
2012 - Mike Pyke & Shane Mumford
2013 - David Hale & Max Bailey
2014 - Hale & Ben McEvoy
2015 - Hale & McEvoy
2016 - Jordan Roughead
2017 - Toby Nankervis & Shaun Grigg
2018 - Scott Lycett & Nathan Vardy

Some handy players there but no future Hall-of-Famers. Having said that, I'm liking that Mumford is playing today, and that it's probably his last game so there's a fair chance his main job is to make some of the Tigers feel thankful they aren't wearing the white shorts.

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Jan 16, 2004
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Storm - Victory
No one in the longest kick on Fox Footy. Club not asked? Or players declined?

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Interesting - no player in the final Footy Show revue either.I wonder if our players were at the game today. If I was coach I would want them there just to suck in the atmos. Let them know this is where they need to be.


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Feb 1, 2008
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It was boring. You know its in trouble when the GF day bbq you go to has people stop watching the game and playing drinking games at half time.

But hey look who I'm talkin to here. Not convincing you of anything.
I went to watch it at a sports bar. In the second quarter people were already yakking on the phone, back to the tvs.
The entry included lunch. People left without

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