AFL 2019 - AFL Preliminary Finals

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Jun 16, 2018
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North Melbourne
I don't want to steal anybody's thunder and make the GF thread.

So I'll post it here instead.

How are the Giants $3.30 outsiders?

This is a 50-50 game at best for mine. If anything I fancy the Giants.


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Apr 1, 2005
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Calgary Flames, Man Utd
They have fallen over the line the last two weeks against what I see as lessor opposition - so can't see the formline that suggests they will belt the Tigers


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Aug 3, 2014
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the fallout from the rest of Sunday-
Josh Thomas AGS - 2.00 b365 (14/21)
Jaidyn Stephenson AGS - 1.44 b365 (11/13)
Jaidyn Stephenson 2+ - 2.30 sb (7/13)

Jaidyn Stephenson 3+ - 5.50 sb
Jeremy Finlayson 2+ - 2.50 sb (13/21)
im on those also. &
1u sgm- adams, crisp, hopper, tarranto all 20pos, stephenson ags @2.70 sb
0.7u sgm - elliot 2g, stephenson 2g, Cameron 2g, Pies win @8.80 sb powered
0.3u sgm - elliot 2g, stephenson 2g, Cameron 2g, finlayson 2g, Pies win @22.75 sb
1u sgm - elliot 2g, pies win @2.20 sb
:arrowup: it could have been a nice winnings day had Elliot kicked just 1 more goal in final Quarter and won the game for pies #wishfulthinking
Coll over 5.5 behinds 1st half @2.11
Coll over 5.5 behinds 2nd half @1.91
Gws over 4.5 behinds 1st half @2.23

Gws over 4.5 behinds 2nd half @2.13
Some options? (SB)

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