AFL 2019 - AFL Round 15

Who Covers the line this week?

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May 8, 2004
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3u Williams 20+, Hopper 20+, Taranto 20+ $1.80 (SB)
2u GWS -9.5 $1.91 (BE)
2u Merrett Under 29.5 disposals $1.87 (lads)
Tailed the above in a multi - with a twist! Not too confident on Williams.

GWS -6.5, Hopper 20+, Taranto 20+, Merrett U29.5 @ $4.50


GWS -5.5 @ $1.90 (Lads)

GWS -6.5, Hopper 20+, Taranto 20+, Cameron 2+, Laverde AGS @ $4.75 (SB)

GWS WIN, GWS Last Q WIN, Taranto 25+, Merrett U29.5 @ $5.25 (SB)

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May 2, 2018
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With De Boer out, I think the Giants will just go H2H with the Dons midfielders having confidence their quality will outclass them front on - especially given the Dons will have one purely tagging in Clarke (presumably on Conigs/Kelly)

What caused Merrett to roll at 16 disposals in Round 1 this year? Can't recall if De Boer played on him that game. Either way, Merrett hasn't nabbed 30 disposals against GWS in the 5 games he's played against them - averaging 22 disposals across the 5 (but came close with 29 disposals in his second last game against them).
Not sure about De Boer, but it was reported afterwards that he had the flu or something along those lines, which would make sense.

I’ve got a bit on Merrett over 27.5 when Neds opened theirs (gone now), 29-30 is about right IMO.

Ohh Ok

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Jul 31, 2018
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2.5u Coniglio over 106.5 fantasy $1.87 (lads)
2.5u Cameron 3+ goals $1.83 (365)

Avoids the tag tonight for me, should cash in. Great history vs the Bombers. Ambrose late out, Kennedy killed them last week.

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Mar 27, 2018
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Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
Looks like Liam Jones will come in for the Blues which means Levi should go forward, no McKay.
2+ $10
3+ $41
Note: This is a bet on Levi Casboult to kick a football straight in a game in which Cripps is not playing. Gamble responbilor
Good call. I’ll tail this
Also like willie Rioli 2+ @3.50 Sb
Covered 2/4 this year, crafty and should see a lot of it in the fwd line this week.
Don’t mind Zurhaar 2+ @4.75 b365 also. Covered 2/10 which doesn’t read well, but Collingwood Has lost some defensive structure this week. Imo he looms as a dangerous forward against us


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Mar 27, 2018
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Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
I don’t understand the Giants sometimes, they have so much talent and just can’t string together consistency. Umpires absolutely reamed them tonight though and if they kicked straighter they win. They miss Whitfield a lot


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Aug 3, 2014
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1u SGM - Miers ags, Danger ags, Himmelberg ags, stewart 20 pos @4.50 SB
0.3u SGM - Miers ags, Danger ags, Himmelberg ags, stewart 20 pos, Ablett 2g+ @8.50 SB
0.2u SGM - stewart 20 pos, Ablett 2g+, sloane ags, greenwood ags @11 SB

i like these for a little value. And Yes- i do fancy geelong winning tonight, but still a chance for 1 crows player to snag himself 2 goals imo.
0.5u B.crouch ags @2.20 SB
0.5u B.crouch 2g+ @9 SB
0.2u B.crouch 3g+ @31 SB
0.5u Sloane ags @2.00 SB
0.5u Sloane 2g+ @7.50 SB
0.2u Sloane 3g+ @26 SB
0.5u Greenwood ags @ 1.87 lads
0.5u Greenwood 2g+ @5.50 SB/b365
0.2u Greenwood 3g+ @21 b365
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