AFL 2019 - AFL ROUND 23

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Jun 16, 2018
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North Melbourne
So we need seven goals four behinds.

Or the way these turnips are kicking, six goals ten behinds.

Seriously this is shaping up as the most heartbreaking weekend of punting of my whole life.

And at worst I'll only be down eight units. It is the missed chances that break your heart, know what I mean?

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Oct 4, 2006
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I'm posting a late season psychological betting model from round 19 to 23, hence the disclaimer "Nothing due to this time of year". Same reason why I didn't include the Bris win over Geel, WC line vs NM or Rich line vs Coll which were all wins.

But let's see how we go this week:

2u O154.5 Port vs Freo - win
2u O163.5 Syd vs StK - win
1.5u O160.5 Syd vs StK - win
1u O170.5 NM vs Melb - win
1u O170.5 GC vs GWS - win
2u Rich -13.5 - win
1.5u Coll -13.5 TB - loss
1.5u Port -16.5 - win
1u GWS -41.5 - win
The Coll loss was 26 shots to 15 including 2 goals 7 in the last. Quite sickening, but a 3 point loss nevertheless.

Apart from that while it reads quite well at 8W 1L roughly +10 units.


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Jun 13, 2016
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Well, that's the main season.
I've only been keeping track since after the bye but that makes a 28% ROI for second half of the AFL.
Very happy with that.
Most of that success i put down the tip sharing on this board.
With a minor hiccup this week people have shared their expertise in the spirit of collaboration and we've come out like bandit$.
Thanks all.

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