AFL 2019 - AFL Round 5

Who Covers the Line This Week?

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Premiership Player
Jun 16, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
0.4U Multi Taylor AGS, Gunston 20+ disposals, total match points >163.5 @ 16
Looking good except for Gunston, who is having a shocker. Seven touches in the first half, Geelong seem to be going through him (his player) in scoring chains (at least three in the second quarter), and he turned the ball over himself which led directly to a goal.

Ohh Ok

All Australian
Jul 31, 2018
AFL Club
AFL 2019 Record
+35.875 units
5u WCE, GWS, WB $1.95 (Lads/BE)
2u Zorko AGS $1.76 lads
3u Adams 25+, BTTS 60+ $1.80 lads
2u either team under 24.5 $1.80 neds
2u Higgins over 99.5 fantasy $1.88 (BE)
2u Essendon -5.5 $1.90 (Lads)
2.5u Gaff over 108.5 fantasy $1.87 (lads)
1u Sheed under 90.5 fantasy $1.77 (BE)
1u WCE 40+ $3.10 (SB/BE)
1u Lloyd 150+ fantasy $5 (BE)

3u Lloyd over 117.5 fantasy $1.88 (BE)
3u Fyfe Under 28.5 disposals $1.75 (lads)
1u GWS -33.5 $1.90 lads
1u Lonie, Membrey, Preuss, Melksham AGS $3.88 lads
2.5u Z.Jones over 90.5 $1.87 (SB)
3u T.Kelly over 24.5 disposals $1.98 (PB)
1u T.Kelly 30+ disposals $5 (SB)
0.5u T.Kelly 35+ disposals $17 (SB)

2.5u T.Kelly over 95.5 fantasy $1.88 (PB)
2.5u Macrae over 119.5 fantasy $1.87 (lads)
0.5u Macrae most points $3
0.5u Macrae 150+ $4.5

2.5u Fiorini 25+, Betts AGS $1.93
2.5u Brouch 25+, Sexton AGS $1.82

1.5u Brouch AGS $1.87
1.5u WB/CARL and ADE/GC both games either side win under 39.5 $2.62 (TopSport)
3u Stewart over 24.5 disposals $1.87 (365)
2u Dangerfield over 118.5 fantasy $1.87 (lads)
0.25u Sportsbet SGM $65
-Duncan 20+
-Worpel, Stewart 25+
-Dangerfield, Kelly 30+
-Ablett 2+ goals
2.5u Duncan over 23.5 disposals $1.80 (SB)
1u Dangerfield -0.5/over 56.5 (vs O’Meara) $3.5 (lads)
1u Kelly +0.5/over 49.5 (vs Worpel) $3.50 (lads)
2.5u Hawkins 3+ goals $2.35 (365)
2u Geelong -12.5 $2 (topsport)

AFL 2019 Record
+27.58 units

Its disappointing to lose around 8 units on a weekend, but before the season started I definitely would've taken being 27 units up and only having my first losing week in round 5 any day of the week.

Losing 5 units on a treble that had all three games lose definitely burnt me hard, definitely going to avoid picking sides with the mayhem that's going on at the moment. Closes loses on Higgins (2.5 points) and Kelly (1 disposal) would have turned a losing week into a winning one. Definitely spewing over the Kelly plays, but glad I found the value, was getting super excited when he was on 17 or 18 at the half; thought I had the Stweart pick right after he had a strong first half showing before spending a decent amount of time on the bench in third and only picked up 2 or 3 touches.


Hall of Famer
Apr 1, 2005
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Other Teams
Calgary Flames, Man Utd
Quality performance from the consensus this week going 6-3 ATS (26-19 for the year).

The two good things (Essendon and Geelong) also covered pretty easily.

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