AFL 2019 - AFL Round 7

Who Covers the Line This Week?

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Club Legend
Aug 3, 2014
AFL Club
0.7u Greenwood 2g+ @3.60 sb
0.3u Greenwood 3g+ @9 b365
0.7u Taberner2g+ @3.10 b365
0.3u Taberner 3g+ @8.5 b365
0.7u Himmelberg 2g+ @3.25 sb
0.5u Himmelberg 3g+ @7 sb
0.1u Himmelberg 4g+ @23 sb

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Ohh Ok

All Australian
Jul 31, 2018
AFL Club
0.5u Himmelberg 2+ goals $3.25 (SB)
0.5u Himmelberg 3+ goals $7 (SB)
2u Sloane over 25.5 disposals $1.93 (PB)
2u Crows SU, Laird 25+, Fyfe 25+ $2.14 (lads)


Club Legend
Oct 4, 2006
AFL Club
Surely it's a mini grand final for Melb and NM?

The season's been a disaster for both but if they fail this week then it's literally season over.

Melbourne schedule is beneficial they have a 10 day break vs Hawks consecutive 6 day breaks. However, their backline and forward line are both ranked worst for scores I50. Petracca is a late out so the forward line becomes even more impotent. If McDonald doesn't find form (he's been truly awful) then who kicks the goals?

Hawks got killed in clearances last week so Melb's midfield is a concern, but Burgoyne is back and Viney is out so that threat is mitigated somewhat. Howe tags Brayshaw and that leaves Olliver who hasn't been fantastic.

Given Melb have played 1 decent half against a weak team then i'm going to have to back Hawks fielding a far superior team.

Still think the bookies have the Melb lines wrong. They haven't shown anything.

Think NM wins though. Carl losing key personnel tips it in NM's favour. If they can't win today against a weakened Carl then it's a disaster.
2 wins for the mini GF teams.

Should have left the Hawks game with Melb at max motivation, but Hawks did play pretty flat. Clarko summed it up well - saying both teams didn't play outstanding footy. Terrible scheduling for Hawks vs Melb so if this is Melb at it's peak then their ceiling is still going to be very low.

NM on the other hand came out and smashed it so potential for them to find some form.

Ohh Ok

All Australian
Jul 31, 2018
AFL Club
Updated Record
+34.98 units
4u North Melbourne SU $1.91 (365)
0.5u North -20.5 $3 (365)
0.5u North 40+ $7 (365
4u Steele over 94.5 fantasy (lads) $1.87
3.5u Taranto over 108.5 fantasy $2.15 (BE)
2.5u Z.Williams over 86.5 fantasy $1.80 (BE)
2u Z.Williams over 24.5 disposals $1.88 (PB)
1u GWS 1-39 $2.16 (Top Sport)
1.5u O'Meara over 110.5 fantasy $1.87 (Lads)
1.5u O'Meara over 28.5 disposals $1.87 (Lads)

3u Mel/Haw either team 1-39 into BL SU $1.87 (Top Sport)
4u Richmond SU, West Coast over 18.5 points (tri bet) $1.85 (Top Sport)
2u Fiorini over 105.5 fantasy points $1.87 (lads)
2.5u Hunter 25+, Daniel 25+, WB/Rich BTTS 90+? - No $1.87 (lads)
0.5u Thomas 25+ $3.25 (SB)
1u Larkey AGS $1.62 (lads)
0.5u Larkey 2+ goals $3.50 (lads)

2.5u T.Kelly over 100.5 fantasy $1.87 (SB)
2.5u T.Kelly over 25.5 disposals $1.94 (SB)
1u T.Kelly 30+ $4 (SB
0.5u Himmelberg 2+ goals $3.25 (SB)
0.5u Himmelberg 3+ goals $7 (SB)

2u Sloane over 25.5 disposals $1.93 (PB)
2u Crows SU, Laird 25+, Fyfe 25+ $2.14 (lads
AFL Record 2019

Wow well that was fun.. Can't believe I actually finished up in the positives for the weekend..


Club Legend
Jun 13, 2016
AFL Club
Really can't believe i missed the Aaron Francis AGS bet. Fell asleep :(. Was my fave for the round.
Otherwise i like:
T. Kelly 30+poss @ $4 SB (won't be tagged against us)
N. Larkey 2+goals @ $4.50 SB (the guy is a goal machine and playing a VFLy looking defence)
3+ @ $11
4 + @ $51

N. Vlaustin U101.5 SC @ $1.87 LB (5/6 under this in 2019)
J. Sicily SC Group @ $7.5 LB (Dees love in50's, Siss will drop off some spud... Keilty?)
J. Harbrow 25+poss @ $4.20 (Should take K.O's without Hanley)

Those Larkey bets were pretty small but very loose.
Ended up ahead tho.

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