2019 Association Football Awards

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Bigfooty Legend
Aug 3, 2008
North Shore
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hull City, Adelaide United, EH
Awards Summary:

Individual Awards:

Best Poster: Bojan KantKick
Worst Poster: SM
Funniest Poster: glenferry23
Favourite Poster: chef
Smartest poster: glenferry23
Best Troll: Bojan KantKick
Worst Troll: typeclub
Best Post: Various
Worst Post: Any of Zidane98's about City/oil/slavery
Most Improved Poster: Bojan KantKick
Most Biased Poster: jod23
Most Objective Poster: Cruyff14
Posters you'd like to have a drink with: Bojan KantKick

Collective Awards:
Best Thread: Transfer Discussion
Worst Thread: Off-Topic
Best set of supporters: Chelsea and Arsenal
Worst set of supporters: Liverpool
Most biased supporters: Liverpool
Hey Boj, maybe we should fire up the podcast again, as we seem to get the natives going.

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#freewelly #bringbackbojan
Feb 1, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
Tottenham Hotspur
For some reason that combo feels like it'd be the Kyle & Jackie O of football podcasts

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