Prediction 2019 Brownlow Medal

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Wedgetailed Westerner

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Oct 17, 2018
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West Coast
I find him to be very unlikable, regardless of the team he plays for.
Right lads. Some insight into Natalie Fifi. I been having a few lattes with Freos ex boxing coach from a few years ago. From his insight and reports he had received, Half of the team wanted to fight their captain, at last years mad monday celebrations.
Absolute gun of a player, but complete flog and a sh*t leader.


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Sep 18, 2003
Western Suburbs : Perth
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West Coast
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Claremont. New England Patriots.
Well that was a disappointing ending.

Begrudgingly have to say well don to The Flog.

Was really wanting Cripps to win.

FFS what was Dangerfield thinking with that jacket .... look at me ....look at me.

Back to back Brownlow winners from Claremont.... got to take some very small consolation from Fyfe winning it .


Premiership Player
Mar 30, 2009
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West Coast
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He wasn't the best player this year, plenty of players in front of him and far more influential. He won because there wasn't a single player with ability to consistently take votes off him.

Neale, Cripps, Bont and Danger (I can't believe I'm adding him) were leagues ahead of him this year in reality. His 2015 was incredible, but his 2019 wasn't anywhere near that. Mind you some of those 3 votes were actually laughable, in such thrashings too.

On another note Bont not polling high was insane, his 2019 was seriously Nat Fyfe of 2015...maybe better.
Agree with this somewhat. But Bont was never going to poll enough to win it purely because he has a plethora of stars around him. Macrae, Dunkley, and to a lesser extent, Naughton were always going to poll well and steal votes off him

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Not Bitter
Oct 11, 2006
Yelling at Clouds
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West Coast
Other Teams

74 votes total out of a possible 132 (56%) for a team that won 15 (68%) of its games

Adelaide 53
Brisbane 90
Carlton 60
Collingwood 81
Essendon 58
Fremantle 69
Geelong 90
Gold coast 22
GWS 84
Hawthorn 67
Melbourne 47
North Melbourne 68
Port Adelaide 66
Richmond 72
St Kilda 53
Sydney 53
Bulldogs 81

Richmond also low. Got me f’ed how the bulldogs always seem to poll so well


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Yeo 💪 that little run of best on grounds was delightful. Coincided with the beast mode switch flicking

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