List Mgmt. 2019 Draft Mega Thread - Pickett is not eligible as F/S or NGA

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Butters Made Me Do It

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Mar 16, 2019
Covidtopia, VIC
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shewho I am ok with drafting forwards to be forwards, just have trouble with believing we should draft forwards because they might become Nat Fyfe-esque mids.

At Port we have had so many ”he’s a flanker but with midfield potential” types and they largely stay flankers. Hartlett the primest example imaginable.

If we can’t make a case for ’Bergman as a career-long flanker’ being worthwhile in and of itself then I’d suggest theres better options. If we can make that case, and that has him high enough priority for us to draft, great.


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Nov 2, 2012
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Port Adelaide
What are people really expecting other than skinny talls that fills needs. Besides gould worrell and kemp were reaching no matter who we pick with the picks that we got. Thats where our recruiters stuffed up, last year there was a top 20-25 this year theres a top 12-13 throw a blanket over the rest

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Young Gun #6

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May 24, 2008
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If Kemp or Stephens are on the board at our first pick and we overlook them, I will be absolutely fuming.

The mock drafts so far have us landing awful players that could’ve realistically been gotten in the mid to late 20’s.

If we do that even if we are into those players and rate them, it just shows how poor or list management is to trade up only to reach on picks anyway. Basically giving Howard and our next years 1st rounder away for free like we’re making a ******* donation.


Jul 5, 2011
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Port Adelaide
With the premium cost to get higher up the draft - And if the player we wanted isn't available at pick 12. Could we trade pick 12 to Gold Coast for 15 & 20?

Giving us picks 15, 16, 18 & 20?

We would probably still end up with :

15 - Bergman or Kemp
16 - De Koning / Worrell
18 - Slider / Jones?
20 - Gould
F/S - Mead
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Nov 23, 2018
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
The Age phantom draft picks for Port

Miles Bergman
Sam De Koning
Trent Bianco

They have Geelong taking Jones before our final pick and Worrell missing out in the first round.

Also saying Port has shown late interest in Dylan Williams.
I’ve only seen the highlights so don’t know much but I would be okay with these types.

I can see why people are lukewarm on De Koning but I’ll back the club in and hope he comes good. I love his kicking, which seems very composed, but it’s hard to tell how he’d cope with the higher speed of AFL. What are people’s reasons for disliking him? He definitely looks a bit awkward, is there any reason for that? Did he have a growth spurt or something?

Bergman just looks talented, and we do need forwards so he can probably play there his whole career. Massive upgrade on Sam Gray.

Bianco looks good as well. Can see him playing on the outside for us.

Day looks like Jordan Clarke, so I’m not keen on him.

I have no idea tho, so I just try to focus on what we get rather than what we might miss out on. I’ll be excited about literally any tall player, and I love players with pace.


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Jul 31, 2017
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Port Adelaide
If Stephens falls I reckon we’ll definitely take him. If it’s Kemp or Robertson that falls we will unfortunately pass I reckon.

Holden Hillbilly

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Oct 8, 2004
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On the main board there is a thread who DON'T you want to draft.

Bianco is leading in this category for Ports.

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Oct 7, 2005
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Port Adelaide
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Are there other teams?
Final Top 50 for the year

1 Matthew Rowell
2 Noah Anderson
3 Brodie Kemp
4 Tom Green
5 Hayden Young
6 Caleb Serong
7 Luke Jackson
8 Liam Henry
9 Lachie Ash
10 Dylan Stephens
11 Sam Flanders
12 Will Gould
13 Trent Bianco
14 Fischer McAsey
15 Trent Rivers
16 Josh Worrell
17 Elijah Taylor
18 Kysaiah Pickett
19 Mitch O’Neil
20 Dylan Williams
21 Jeremey Sharp
22 Will Day
23 Sam De Koning
24 Finn Maginness
25 Cody Weightman
26 Deven Robertson
27 Miles Bergman
28 Ryan Byrnes
29 Jackson Mead
30 Cooper Stephens
31 Jay Rantall
33 Daniel Mott
34 Thomson Dow
35 Harry Schoenberg
36 Hugo Ralphsmith
37 Cam Taheny
38 Thomson Dow
39 Karl Finlay
40 Ned Cahill
41 Bigoa Nyuon
42 Mitch Georgiadis
43 Darcy Cassar
44 Ben Johnson
45 Sam Philp
46 Harrison Jones
47 Brock Smith
48 Dyson Hilder
49 Cooper Shaman
50 Noah Cumberland
Robertson Bergman Philp too low (especially for a Port point of view as we need speed) otherwise very similar to mine.

6.Flanders- F
9.Henry -F
11.Serong- F
12.Jackson- T
13.McAsey- T
14.Pickett- F
23.Jones- T

Ideally, 1 mid (plus Mead), 1 Forward or Forward/Mid (F) and one taller player (T).


Nov 25, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
You can't see the difference between just forcing them to use their first pick on him, and wiping them out of this draft and completely out of the first two rounds next year?
Yeah I can see the difference. Sydney bidding on Green and forcing them to use pick 6 is way worse than Sydney wiping out their 50+ picks this year and 30+ picks next year.

Either way, I don't really see why it matters... its a competition, teams should act in the best interests of their club and not try to be good citizens.


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Sep 9, 2010
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Port Adelaide
sounds like McAsey could fall and fall to 12.......... so we go tall there with a decent tall, then mids mids.......
McAsey or Kemp or Roberson?

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