List Mgmt. 2019 Draft Mega Thread - Pickett is not eligible as F/S or NGA


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Chris25 with his top 10 SA players from the main draft board:

1. Dylan Stephens (183cm, 69kg from Norwood) - draft range 4 to 10
I wouldn't say Stephens has quite been at his best consistently over the Championships, but I think he's done enough to cement himself as one of the top line midfielders in this draft - and arguably the best outside midfielder available. Teams will value his running ability and foot skills highly, with the view to start him on a wing and move inside over time.

2. Will Gould (191cm, 98kg from Glenelg) - draft range 8 to 18
I have no doubts at all that Gould will be a good player and for a long time - if anyone from this draft is going to become a 200 game player and captain, it'll be him. He could slot in at half back in any team now and do well. And he's made for taking the kick outs, nobody in the draft is a better kick over 50m. It's impossible not to like the way he plays. I have a feeling he may slip into the middle of the first round, which would be crazy good value for a finals team. Gold Coast should find a way to get him though, even if it means trading Jack Martin.

3. Cameron Taheny (185cm, 80kg from Norwood) - draft range 15 to 40
He's been hampered by injury at the Championships, and it could well hurt his draft stocks. His best is top 3 in the draft though, few have his pure talent or ability in the forward half. Performances at league level in the SANFL have been excellent, with 11 goals from his first 3 games - get back to 100% and play like that again, and he still looks a first round pick. Plays the DeGoey type forward role from the goal square, he's a difficult match up. Still developing a midfield game though.

4. Karl Finlay (192cm, 88kg from North Adelaide) - draft range 20 to 50
As solid a defender as you'll find. He's an elite intercept mark for a junior, he's got strong hands and reads the play well. When SA kick long after a behind, it's often to Finlay in a contest. Bit of Tom Clurey in the way he plays, unassuming but you just know he'll win his battle more often than not.

5. Jackson Mead (184cm, 83kg from Woodville) - draft range 12 to 25
Just a good player who does everything well. Doesn't necessarily have any one elite trait, but he's versatile and consistent. Thought his game against Country was by far his best and most influential, the earlier rounds he was good without standing out. Smart player in close, probably starts across half forward for the first couple of years. Has been on the verge of playing seniors in the SANFL, hopefully that will come soon.

6. Dyson Hilder (196cm, 91kg from North Adelaide) - draft range 20 to 50
I find it hard to separate Finlay and Hilder as prospects, and they even play similar games. Also a strong intercept mark, Hilder has even more ideal size and has league experience in the SANFL. And for someone his size, he's surprisingly good with ball in hands and rebounds strongly.

7. Will Day (187cm, 70kg from West Adelaide) - draft range 25 to 40
Plenty of people in SA were excited about Day heading into the Championships, and he's certainly delivered and caught the attention of many more people. One of SA's best and most consistent players across the first three weeks, would be close to AA selection. I've always talked about how highly I rate skinny kids who can mark, it shows natural talent and the ability to read the play. Tested very well for speed, endurance and leap earlier this year too. I know others talk about his potential as an outside midfielder, but he's a half back for me.

8. Kysaiah Pickett (170cm, 67kg from Woodville) - draft range 20 to 50
Hasn't quite had the Championships that he would have liked so far, but he still finds a way to get onto the highlight reel each week. In terms of pure talent, he's as good as any small forward from the last few years. He's a high flyer, but still does the Pickett name proud with the way he hits. Always impossible to know where small forwards will be taken.

9. Harry Schoenberg (180cm, 78kg from Woodville) - draft range 25 to 50
On the flipside, Schoenberg has definitely had the Championships he would have liked. SA's most consistent midfielder, he just keeps racking up the touches - and it's exactly what he does in the SANFL too. He's not a bullocking inside type, but he's smart and positions himself well to get first touch. He's a one touch player and has nice hands in close. Kicking is clean and he generally makes good decisions. I feel clubs will consider him to have a lower ceiling than others, doesn't have ideal size for his role and doesn't have the overall hurt factor to move outside. Definitely a role for him though and recent draft history suggests his type goes second/third round.

10. Joshua Shute (187cm, 73kg from Sturt) - draft range 40 to 70
Flying under the radar a little, I think Shute has had a sneaky good Championships and is firming as a mid round raft pick. He's the type of player that scouts and recruiters will like. Nice size at 187cm, he's a good kick and has strong hands overhead. Offers the versatility to play wing, half back or half forward.

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Fremantle have delisted Harley Bennell

Should we take a punt on Bennell? Bring him to the Port Magpies, if he can get himself right and in form, add him to the AFL list in next year's mid-season draft

We could do worse, low risk, high reward


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Jan 14, 2008
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Fremantle have delisted Harley Bennell

Should we take a punt on Bennell? Bring him to the Port Magpies, if he can get himself right and in form, add him to the AFL list in next year's mid-season draft

We could do worse, low risk, high reward
Would be nice to sign him as the new SANFL Leadership player or marquee, or whatever Sutcliffe was... that’ll get up them!

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Aug 25, 2013
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Fremantle have delisted Harley Bennell

Should we take a punt on Bennell? Bring him to the Port Magpies, if he can get himself right and in form, add him to the AFL list in next year's mid-season draft

We could do worse, low risk, high reward
Would very seriously consider.


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Jul 18, 2018
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Philthy could be 100% correct. There is plenty of positives and negatives with Jackson. I hope he drops later on in the draft!
Oh I'm not saying he's a bona-fide guarantee to become a great AFL player, but in the context of this years draft based on his performances throughout the championships and in the SANFL he's absolutely in the top 20-30 available to my eyes.

Bennell has played 2 games in 4 years, is a known disruptive personality and has barely been fit for 5 minutes in that time. Why would anyone be keen?
I agree it's crazy talk. I was impressed at how well he has come back and played WAFL this year in the face of it all, but his body is just so unreliable and as is widely documented hasn't got the most stable history outside of footy. Needs a sustained year of footy in the WAFL before any club would take the punt.


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Nov 7, 2008
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I thought i would watch some of the sa v allies game and my main conclusion was Pickett is very good. He is incredibly crisp. He's going to make it as an afl player. I hope it's at Port. I can't see how he is going to be a late pick.He shouldn't be. It will be interesting to see how we trade for picks.

Gould was very good. I'm over the fact he looks middle aged. Kid runs hard, marks well, kicks well and leads. He wanted the ball when the game got tight.

O'Neill doesn't excite me much as a first round pick and Taheny makes a lot of mistakes for his talent.

Day has a chance at being a very good player.

Stephens is a low risk good hard working afl player.

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