Game Day 2019 Draft - now with poll!

So how did we do?

  • A+ - nailed it

  • A - really great

  • B - pretty good

  • C - okay

  • D - could have been better

  • E - could have been a lot better

  • F - terrible!

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Jul 22, 2012
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Philadelphia 76ers
Speed needs to be addressed in the rookie draft, not one line breaker amongst that lot.
Schoenberg, Jones, Hamill, and to a lesser extent McHenry are all pretty speedy selections over the last 2 drafts combined.

Bring in one more as a rookie and we’re pretty well stocked there I reckon.

Peter J

Brownlow Medallist
Dec 24, 2008
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Hamish gives a good explanation on our last 2 picks.

They felt OConnor has good upside because he was stuck behind 2-3 in the WA midfield. They projected the touches he did get to more midfield time and concluded he would have had greater production.

Gollant they accept is a Smokey but felt if he went round another year would be high end so best get him in now.

Some rationale I guess. Hamish has too many runs on the board to be throwing the toys out at this early stage.

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Sep 11, 2009
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Can Jack Martin demand a higher pay and contract length from the rookie draft? AFL site says "Melbourne has a selection before the Blues at Friday's Pre-Season Draft but a hefty contract demand made by Martin - believed to be for five years - will ensure the 24-year-old finds a new home at Princes Park. "

Could the demons select Martin, pay him the base rookie wage, then trade him to Carlton for a 1st round pick next season?


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 4, 2004
on planet Crow
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Well that was a pretty weird draft I think.

Hamish did warn us that we shouldn't overreact to names we don't know, and that was how it panned out.

What was interesting mostly, was the choices we made.

McAsey looks like a really good get. Hopefully he is a Talia like selection where he is a set and forget key defender for the next 10 years. The interesting part is we made a choice to trade down and let Stephens go. Dylan looks like a high quality mid, but we obviously didn't have him rated as high. Interesting choice to overlook the SA kid that is rated super highly for a KP Victorian kid.

At our next selection, we took an SA midfielder. Shoenberg has improved greatly in last 12 months, so lets hope he is still on the upwards trajectory. Seemed a good choice.

We then opted to trade down and as such gave up both Will Gould (another highly rated SA kid) as well as Jeremy Sharp. Sharp was, I thought, perfect pick for us. A quick, hard running outside mid would have been perfect. In the end we get Worrell, which looks like a great pick, but is essentially another tall. Will be interesting to see if we can settle him in a position. The trade down decision, which really was for very little, especially given GC then gave up pick 11 in 2020 for the next pick. Think we really missed an opportunity there.

With lots of currency available, many of us thought we would have a chance to trade up and grab a slider. It seems like we tried a little bit, but without much luck. Could we have gone hard for a player??

In the end we drafted a very big, possibly developing mid. He's got enough size that he can play in the SANFL pretty much straight away. Let's hope he has the scope to develop further. Very surprised we didn't go for Ralph-Smith or Bianco at this pick. Another quality running player might have been a good choice??

The last pick is the biggest head scratcher of all. Again a supposedly highly rated SA player in Taheny is available, but we instead went for complete surprise. On the surface, Gollant doesn't seem to fill any need and doesn't seem to have anything to really rate him. He's a tallish guy at 191 cm, who ran a slow 20m sprint at the testing. He's effectively a 191 cm, slow outside mid?? Nothing in his performances indicates what it is that Hamish sees in him, but Haggis obviously thinks there is significant scope for improvement. Very weird pick, given you would think he was available in the Rookie Draft if we wanted.

In the end, Ogilvie did what he always does - he picked purely based on his talent ranking. He didn't worry about SA kids V non SA kids. He picked who he thought was best - which is a good thing.

What concerned me is that every pick we looked like we wanted to trade it down to build more assets. Literally every pick we was on the phone trying to swing deals. Sometimes you just have to get the best kids available right there and then and not worry about building more picks for later. I am a bit worried that we might get the balance wrong and become to infatuated with the pick trading possibilities. Ultimately we need the best players on the field, not more assets year after year.

As always, it's nearly impossible to judge a draft straight away. We might look at who we got compared to where they were initially ranked and think we didn't do all that well, but I will take Ogilvie's judgements over Nightmare or Twomey any day.

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