2019 Eagles GIFs Thread


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Feb 9, 2012
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These most recent ones don't seem to working. Unless they're meant to just be jumpy and only 1 second long and give me epilepsy.

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Feb 25, 2012
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I'm in a bit of a jizz coma at the moment...this gif work is both stellar to watch and useful as a footy fan, because you simply miss the nuance of craft during live play and/or video replay.

One other thing I learnt today - Jetta is not in good form...he is in ******* amazing form. I went to the GWS game and was of course impressed with him, but highlighting his (and others') efforts in this way is simply beautiful and inspiring.

He has come a long way over the past couple of years and is now so vital to rapid yet clean play, which is the cornerstone of our delightful success.


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Sep 1, 2014
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Gaff's handballs were spot on all game, much better than his kicking but he was under massive pressure on his kicks. Shuey and Yeo were feeding him but the pies were onto it.
I found it odd but throwing him into the deep end first game back wasn't a bad idea. Preferably i would have had Sheed playing that role as he's more creative and can buy a bit more time through congesting.

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Mar 16, 2011
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Apr 10, 2011
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Can we get Yeo's goal with what must be a pretty much an up yours celebration please?


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Dec 18, 2005
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So due to work I've been unable to gif as much as I'd like, I started doing the kangas game but realised I had a bunch of gifs from the Melbourne game from ages ago still on my phone. So keep in mind these are old, better to upload anyway, at the time I was clearly focussing on the differences between Yeo and Sheed (from memory someone made a video out of this game). My main focus on the game was defensive intent. Kangaroos game will follow, not necessarily today.


Thanks for the help Sheed (Sheed's poor tackling and Yeo's brilliant tackling was a theme in this game)

Duggan just going the ball, ignoring the body coming towards him. Lucky with the kick though.

Yeo identifies Jones before he even has the ball, brilliant play. Comes in with pace but not so much that he can't change direction

Pressure like the sort Shuey and Yeo provide here (also see Cripps peel off his man at pace) is what helps defenders. Also sets them apart from a lot of other midfielders.

Redden courage

Yeo's nutmeg leads to this mark. This is my favourite camera angle of the mark, you can see the height compared to the fence.

As before, Shuey allowing Gov to do Gov things. Awesome leadership and desire, with nothing but pressure acts as a stat.

This is the stuff Sheed needs to work on, just lets Oliver walk it out.

Darling and Yeo here with huge tackles. Momentum stoppers.

Shuey's goal here is class, has one step, makes it toward the boundary to provide space and gets crunched straight afterwards.

Get ready to jizz at Rioli's ball use here.

Tom Cole take a bow. Keeping his feet in the contest and jumping head first into the next one.

The AFL's best tackler?

Gov hitting a bullet to open up the game

Redden short and Shep long provide strong leads, spreading the field and Gov hits the longer option.

Good luck escaping Yeo in this sort of mood

Bit weak from Sheed here, token efforts during this game. Getting stepped by the ruckman.

The pace of Ryan here from the right of screen is impressive. Read the play and shut it down from a pretty disadvantageous position

Another one of Sheed, baffling this one.
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Dec 18, 2005
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Captain Bunga to me is like a kicking robot, just computes trajectory and power to perfection, always in straight lines. His size allows him the time and confidence to straighten his body, never goes across body like Jetta but kicks like these on the run are very hard.

I rememeber being angry at Hurn early in the season for moments like this. He has every right to absolutely destroy Oliver who has the ball, a prime ball mover, lined up .... and yet he slows down. Could have changed the game here.

Great mark by Ryan here

Shep with a double smother and then a tackle. AA HBF ladies and gentlemen. Star.

Bunga hits this kick, despite appearing to be squeezed for space, just knows he can cop the hit. Almost just a 50m poke with great vision.

The one arm out tackle, no real head down movement leading with the shoulder.

Yeo with three efforts. The third is unsuccessful in stopping the ball moving but he takes Jones out of the equation to follow on his own work. Played like a man possessed. Angry with the tag.

I like how Petrol stood up here and didn't get too drawn in following the ball but saw where it was going and used his pace to stop the play.

Yeo, Hickdey, Gov, Gaff/Shep all tackling strong

Sheed on Viney, Viney in a paddock of space but Yeo saves the day with another tackle.

Gif this for multiple reasons. Shuey hits the body at full pace here, massive hit from both players. Then Cripps with the sprinting bounces and the talent to kick across body and take the pace off the ball. Exactly like Yeo's run this week against the Kangas but with a much better kick. Hard to do.

Petrol used to play basketball did you know?
Rioli just played football

Jettra's attacking mindset, feign the handball but look to use the corridor by foot.

Another one comparing Yeo and Sheed on defence.

Nice set play here, will see a few come finals I'm sure.

You'll see 6 Melbourne jumpers on screen, but Petrol manages to beat them all and tap it out to Gaff. Good fight!

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