Player Sponsorship 2019 Essendon Board Player Sponsorship - Pledge now!

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Jan 10, 2013
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OK People. Looks like we ill have Tippa, Raz and Mckernan. If you have yet to pay, I'd really appreciate it if you did so over the next few days please because the packs are due to go out! If you have put your name down and changed your mind, that is cool as well... Just let me know please.

Doss , Whispering_Jack , DonsRule, boncer34 , Lore ,
I haven't received a PM :think:


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Mar 15, 2011
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Hey y'all.

If you are keen to sponsor a player this year and happy to chuck in, put your name down. Sponsorship is $995 per player this year and will be accepted in $25 increments.

There will be two tickets to the sponsors cocktail party and a signed jumper up for grabs.

As well as that, we have two sponsor's lanyards per player which can be used to access the sponsor's room on match day at home games.

New this year is also sponsorship of a Tiwi bomber which means we could be directly helping the club secure the next Rioli or Tipungwuti.

Every $25 increment will be an opportunity to win either access to the sponsors night, or a signed jumper or the lanyards.

Chief has clarified the bigfooty contribution for sponsors. It is almost just about worthwhile getting on board just to remove the ads!
Rewards for contributors -
$0 to $49 - medal only
$50 to $99 - 1 year Gold Premium + medal
$100+ - 1 year Platinum Premium + medal

Bigfooty $200 (thanks Chief) PAID
Test Tickle $200 (adjusted- great stuff TT) PAID
Dustbin $50 PAID
Brutus $200 PAID
Eth Dog $50 PAID
Iridium $50 PAID
Zackah $100 PAID
Mad Monkey J $50 PAID
Donakebab $100 PAID
Sameolds $100 PAID
Rask $50 PAID
Jmoo $100 PAID
Shermy $50 PAID you funny bugger
DERO $100
Old Campaigner $50 PAID
Bombre boy $100 PAID
Dave $100
Duckworth $50 PAID
Lord Nicholson $50 PAID
The Harlequin $200 PAID
Lore $100
Tesla $50
Boncer $100
Slice and Dyson $100 PAID
Beerfish $25
Dapperdon $50
Donsrule $25
Remainder from last year/ Doss $495 PAID
Whispering Jack $25
Bombersfan355 $50
Mike14 $100 $150 PAID
Loonerty $50 PAID
Itsmanbearpig $25 PAID
Maddog $100
Rebellya $100 PAID
Jaguaress $100
Rack Watts

=$3445 11/3
Hi there DERO i just paid $100. jaguaress. Cheers!
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