2nds 2019 Finals - GF vs the Palindromes (sadly not the Little Teds)

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Mar 1, 2014
South of Scotland
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Port Adelaide
Billy is free and Chris Curran will be s******g himself in 2 weeks if they make the GF.
Will actually be hoping the crows win
I hope if Curran is in the Grand Final and all the Port Players go up and say to him. Oh we cant wait until you get you hands on the ball, that should put the s**tes up him lol


May 23, 2012
Alberton Oval
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Port Adelaide
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Predicted Maggies Changes:
IN: Frederick
OUT: Johnson (Suspended)

Predicted Maggies Side:
F: Ladhams - Frampton - Cox
HF: Sutcliffe - Marshall - Woodcock
C: Farrell - Atley - Mayes
HB: Frederick - Lienert - Hewett
B: Corcoran - McKenzie - Garner
R: Hayes - Trengove - Drew
INT: Strange - Elsworthy - Davidson
EMERG: Pudney - Grundy

Wong: (Last Played, Round 7)
Hill: (Last Played, Round 8)
M.Mead: (Last Played, Round 9)
Edwards: (Last Played, Round 15)
Appleton: (Last Played, Finals Week 1)

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