Roast 2019 Finals Ticket Price 'Freeze' a Scam

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Sep 22, 2016
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West Coast
Nah that wouldn't fly. If the AFL advertised those categories, but didn't provide them at all, then that would "create a false impression."

This is the best example on the ACCC website:

Thanks for this. Actually going to use this against Optus.

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Sep 13, 2015
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Restricted view seats are a bargain.
They are near hand rails next to the entry areas and close to TV cameras and any other broadcast equipment.
They really should be called 'minor inconvenience' seats.
They don't release them for sale until all other seats are sold.
I had ‘restricted view’ seats for the 2017 GF. Top deck, row P, which I think was otherwise category 5, at worst category 6. Cost $150, compared to $294 for cat 5 seats.

They ended up being brilliant seats, a fair way back, but on the HFF, the bars were barely restricting and more than anything were a nice guilt-free footrest. The only gripe I had was that in that spot of the southern stand, the roof obscured part of both screens. But a) that’s nothing and b) I don’t think that was the ‘restricted view’ bit anyway. Absolute rort (not that I was complaining on the day!).


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Jul 1, 2005
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75% of Subiaco Oval used to suddenly be classified as Premium seats as soon as finals came around. It seemed to grow every year.

Not surprised the GF works the same way.

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