Strategy 2019 - fu** the byes!


Syd' The Kid
May 15, 2017
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Will be piling up the cash with downgrades in the leadup to the byes (RD 10-12), to then pounce on Macrae, Fyfe, Laird, Hurn, Cameron after they've had their byes.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 21, 2013
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Arsenal, Fluminense; Blue Jays
Nothing to worry about. 3 trades a week, only 18 players needed, as long as you make good rookie decisions up until the byes, you'll be fine
I lied... I didn't pay any attention to byes and who I was bringing in, now my round 13 team is screwed! I'll be very lucky to have 18 playing. Hopefully big round 12 and 14 scores compensate for it

Won't be picking up any round 13 premos from here on, unless there's a great opportunity to grab Lloyd. Was initially planning on Telly this week but that's been scrapped, also Lloyd in a few weeks, but that may be stopped

Rookie downgrade targets this week and next, Rotham and Answerth (assuming they play), both have the round 13 bye

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