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Sep 30, 2010
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2019 marks the return of our successful Goal Kickers comp.

The rules are simple and at end of the season the winner gets a shiny badge!

Before the first bounce of Rd 1 nominate a SUNS player who you think will score a goal.

If that player scores a goal, you move on to the next round. Rinse and repeat.

HOWEVER - The player you nominate can only be nominated once for the season. So don't use up your Tom Lynch and Aaron Hall Alex Sexton and Ben Ainsworth too soon!

BUT - If you are clever enough to guess the players exact score, you get a free pass with that player! Example, if I guess Jack Leslie scores 9 goals 4 behinds against St Kilda, I am free to use him again later in the season if he does indeed score 9 goals and 4 behinds. I personally don't know if Leslie has 4 behinds in him, but you never know.

Open to all regular posters on the SUNS board :fire: GOOD LUCK

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