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Apr 8, 2010
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Hello fellow Hawkers, this year we thought we would try something different on the board for a bit of fun.

For those that haven't been involved before this is a knockout style prediction competition that awards a Big Footy badge to the winner.

Below is the details, competition starts round one if we get enough posters interested, so if you like the idea and want to play let me know in this thread.


Basic premise
You have to pick a Hawthorn goal kicker each week. If he kicks a goal you move on to the next round. If he doesn't you're out. Can't pick the same player twice. Last person left wins. Easy right?

You make your selections in this thread. Your selection must be in by the first bounce. If you pick someone twice you're eliminated. You can change your selection right up until the first bounce if you get a late vibe.

Immunity Card
If your player kicks the first goal of the game (the game, not just the Hawks first goal) then you earn an Immunity Card. An Immunity Card can be used if your selected player fails to kick a goal. It's like a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Late changes
If your selected player is named in the 22 but is a late withdrawal then you get whoever comes in for him. If there's more than one late change then it will go by alphabetical order of the players' surname to work out which player you get.

Forgetting to pick
It happens to the best of us. So instead of you getting allocated nobody and being eliminated what will happen is if you forget to put in a goal kicker you will be allocated the Hawks player with the lowest number that you haven't already selected.

In order to declare a winner should the last remaining entrants get knocked out at the same time this is how it will work.

As the competition goes on I will count your goals ie; if you pick Roughie in round 1 and he kicks 5 goals then those goals go against your name. If our final participants all bomb out at the same time then the winner is whoever has the most goals up until that point.

If the remaining participants are also equal on goals then there will be a count back until a winner is found. Or we may go to

'Buying' Back In
There is nothing worse than getting knocked out of a competition - especially early! :mad: In order to keep it interesting for longer there will be an option to 'buy' back in if you're knocked out.

To do this all you need to do is select TWO goal kickers you have not picked yet. You MUST GET BOTH SELECTIONS CORRECT to re-enter the game. If you are successful then you just carry on as per normal. You will have picked one more goal kicker than everyone else though - that is the price you must pay.

You can buy back in more than once but not twice in a row. Obviously you'll be using up an extra goal kicker each time so your pool of available goal kickers will shrink quickly.

Fine print
You cannot earn an Immunity Card or gain Tiebreaker Goals if you've bought back in. You'll just have to win the damn thing outright!

The Spreadsheet
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