Mod. Notice 2019 GWS Board Player Advocates - Questions & registration of interest

Nov 23, 2015
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Hi all,

Time to start turning our attention towards the 2019 season, and we'll start by thinking about player advocates.

Initially, Determinant and I would like to gain some input from posters on how they want to run this in 2019. We noted that we didn't get a huge number of people advocating last year, and some ended up with multiple players which became a bit unwieldy. Some of the questions that we'd like your thoughts on include:
  • should we run the AFLW advocate draft at the same time or separate from the men's? (noting that the AFLW starts on Feb 2, so would need to be done soon)
  • indeed, is there enough interest to even have an AFLW advocates draft?
  • do we limit picks to 1, or perhaps 2, per registered drafter & anyone not drafted just goes into a pool for anyone to post about?
  • do we continue to allow people to keep players they've advocated for last year (and is it just 1 can be kept)?
So, post your thoughts. Also, if you wish to participate, include whether you want to be in the draft for both men & women or just one, and tell us if you have an existing player(s) who you'd like to keep if that is your wish (ultimately that's the best gauge of desired outcome!). We'll review initially in a fortnight, since we would have to conduct the women's draft soon thereafter if we are going to do so.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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