2nds 2019 Lions Reserves and NEAFL thread

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Comeback Lions

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Jul 2, 2017
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I think on tackling alone T Berry gets a go very early next season. Bit of Redden about him but with more pace. Can imagine him and Ely in the middle at some stage terrorizing oppos.
His tackling is elite, but he’s also 2nd to the ball far too often and doesn’t win enough of it at Neafl level. Still a fair bit of development to go for mine.
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Rubix WingMan

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Aug 17, 2012
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Martin is too good to be playing at NEAFL.

Think Dew might be focusing too much on his negatives. You put Martin in a Richmond or a Essendon team and he will light it up


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Aug 9, 2013
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Ooooh that was a nice bit of work from Ely and I like the way he was spreading right afterwards
I remember when Eli was drafted and we all (BRAB ) remarked at how much of a bull Eli looked to be. It's taken a bit of time but his past month has been physical, intimidating football. With some more polish he will be best 22 before he knows it. He's a real weapon on the inside and up forward.

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