List Mgmt. 2019 List Management Resource Compilation Thread with Key Post-Season Dates

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Aug 1, 2008
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Salt and ash. The fires are long gone, and all that remain are salt and ash.

2019/2020 Trade/Delist/Re-sign predictions/opinions
Rumour thread - NO DISCUSSION!
2019 Rumour File (rumour discussion thread)
2019 Draft Watch


FA Eligible



Senior List (to) [position]
Andy Otten (Retired) [UTL]
Richard Douglas (Delisted) [MID]
Sam Jacobs (GWS) [RUCK]
Hugh Greenwood (GC) [MID]
Alex Keath (Western Bulldogs) [KPD]
Eddie Betts (Carlton) [SF]
Josh Jenkins (Geelong) [KPF]

Rookies (to) [position]
Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (FA;Brisbane) [MID]
Paul Hunter (Delisted) [RUCK]

Draft picks (to)
First round selection (Carlton)
Third round selection (Carlton)
Fourth round selection (Port Adelaide via Gold Coast)
Fifth round selection (Carlton)

Future fourth round selection (Port Adelaide via Adelaide, GWS, from Melbourne)
Future third round selection (Western Bulldogs)
Future third round selection (Geelong from GC)
4 (GWS)
28 (Fremantle)
49 (Fremantle)
Future fourth round selection (Fremantle via Adelaide, from Carlton)
25 (Sydney)
Future fourth round selection (Sydney)

Football Department Staff (to) [position]
Don Pyke (Resigned) [Senior Coach]
Brett Burton (Fired) [Director of Football]
Scott Camporeale (Fired) [Senior Assistant Coach]


Free Agency & Trade (from) [position]
Billy Frampton (Port) [RUCK]

Draft Picks (from)
First round selection (Carlton)
Second round selection (Carlton)

Third round compensation pick (Ellis-Yolmen)
Future fourth round selection (Carlton)
Future fourth round selection (Melbourne via GWS)
Future third round selection (GC)
Future fourth round selection (GC)
Future second round selection (Western Bulldogs)
45 (Western Bulldogs)
37 (Geelong)
6 (GWS)
Future first round selection (GWS)
22 (Fremantle)
Future third round selection (Collingwood via Fremantle)
27 (Sydney)
Future third round selection (Sydney)

Football Department Staff (from) [position]
Matthew Nicks (GWS) [Senior Coach]
Adam Kelly (SANFL) [Head of Football]

Rookie Elevations
Lachie Murphy

National Draft (from) [position]
6. Fischer McAsey (Sandringham) [KPD]
22. Harry Schoenberg (WWT) [MID]
28. Josh Worrell (Sandringham) [KPD]
42. Ronin O'Connor (Claremont) [MID]
48. Lachlan Gollant (Calder) [MID]

Preseason Draft (from) [position]

Rookie Draft (from) [position]
7. Ben Keays (Brisbane) [MID/SF]
21. Ben Crocker (Collingwood) [MID/MF]

International/Alternative Talent Rule (from)

Number Changes (previous, last owner)
1. Jones (20, Greenwood)
4. Murphy (44, Jenkins)
17. Hamill (35, Stengle)
18. Stengle (17, Betts)
19. - (, Edwards)
20. Crocker (*, Jones)
22. Frampton (*, Otten)
24. Worrell (*, Jacobs)
26. Schoenberg (*, Douglas)
28. Keays (*, Ellis-Yolmen)
35. McAsey (*, Hamill)
37. O'Connor (*, Hunter)
42. - (, Keath)
44. Gollant (*, Murphy)

National Draft Order (Pre-bidding and live trading indicative), courtesy of Lore on the Draft forum

Important Dates

1 OctoberAFL Draft combine begins
4 OctoberFree agency period starts, AFL Draft combine ends, VIC state draft combine
7 OctoberTrade period starts
10 OctoberFree agency period ends, RFA matching period opens
12 OctoberSA and WA state draft combines
13 OctoberRFA matching period closes
16 OctoberPlayer trade period closes
22 NovemberPick trade period closes
27 NovemberAFL Draft day one
28 NovemberAFL Draft day two, Delisted free agency period opens and closes


Senior List (to) [position]
Jess Allan (GWS) [Ruck/KPP]
Sarah Perkins (Delisted) [KPF]
Sally Riley (Gold Coast) [MID]
Rheanne Lugg (Brisbane) [MID]
Katelyn Rosenzweig (Delisted) [UTL]
Jess Sedunary (St Kilda) [MID]
Jasmyn Hewett (Gold Coast) [UTL]
Jenna McCormick (Brisbane Roar) [SF]

Rookies (to) [position]

Football Department Staff (to) [position]


Free Agency & Trade (from) [position]

Football Department Staff (from) [position]

National Draft (from) [position]

14. Montana McKinnon (South Adelaide) [RUCK]
37. Najwa Allen (Norwood/Eastlake) [UTL]
46. Nicole Campbell (South Adelaide) [SD]
53. Jaimi Tabb (WWT) [MID]
68. Caitlin Gould (Glenelg/HAPPY VALLEY VIKINGS) [UTL]
83. Courtney Gum (GWS) [MID]
100. Madison Newman (West Adelaide) [SD]
102. Chelsea Biddell (West Adelaide) [KPF]

Rookies (from) [position]

Number Changes (previous, last owner)
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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 1, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Arsenal, 76ers, Royals
CEY, some numbers, and finally found a list of key dates after the AFL refused to publish them all season and finals

When is the FA compo picks lotto done?

As the moves happen for UFAs. For RFAs I'm not sure if it'll happen as soon as the losing clubs decline to match, or at the end of the 3 day matching period.

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