Game Day 2019 National Draft

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Long live PAFC

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Sep 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Well Macca you were right re Bianco!

To be honest, I don’t mind Port’s strategy this year. These are three higher risk, higher reward types who will take time. We haven’t traded for 2020 or to save Hinkley. We have gone for needs and the longer term. We have also picked three players that have real potential and could have all gone higher had age and injuries not come into it. The really nice aspect is that all three are good kicks and have some pace and agility. We can argue Kemp or Robertson over Bergman, etc but I think to get three good players and picks for next year is solid. Time will tell but I’m positive that 2018 and 19 will provide us the premiership we crave and desperately need.

Sewer de Lance

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Feb 10, 2013
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Loading up on forwards this draft tells me one of two things:

1) Todd Marshall will play down back, or
2) we already have a key defender lined up in next years trade period


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May 26, 2017
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future 2nd (tied to Fremantle? Fremantle also have Melbourne's)
According to the AFL media, it is Fremantle's.

We are going into next year's draft with 3 second-round (ours, Freo's, and Collingwood's) and 2 third-round (ours and Kilda's) picks. We do not pick in the first nor in the fourth round.


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Jun 12, 2005
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I think we may have found a good one in Miles Bergman. Looks to have very nice hands above and below his knees and has good balance. He's a nice height which makes him valuable and he seems to have a bit of toe and crucially, over the first 5 yards - very nice, happy with this one.

I'm happy with and for Jackson Mead. Genuine two sided player who looks to have lovely skills and good hands. Happy with him as well.

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