2019 NBA Offseason Thread - Free Agency starts 6 p.m. ET on June 30

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Sep 10, 2007
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So having an opinion different to the ones here isnt ok, but its an opinion you're entitled to if you agree. Makes sense. Id love to know the logic that says this Lakers team isnt significantly better than the Cavs of 2017/2018 who made it all the way to the NBA finals. That was a team with Kevin Love as the second best player and JR Smith as arguably the third best. LeBron has a heap more support in this Lakers team and that's what Im basing my opinions on.
Cavs in the East, Lakers in the West. Logical enough?

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Sep 7, 2005
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Not that it matters, but Philly and the Lakers have been the two teams ive supported from back in the days when in Australia we got the nba for one hour highlight packages as a kid. I followed Philly and LA because I lived in Philly for a year and LA because of Showtime.
Confirmed, you are the fresh prince of bell air

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May 23, 2012
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Sep 8, 2002
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Pretty fired up last few pages. Luckily wiser heads (myself) have arrived to calm you all the fu** down.

Anyway, Lakers are first round fodder at best next year, they are comfortably behind these teams in the west. Clips, Warriors, Jazz, Nugs, Blazers, Rox.
At best they finish maybe 6th next year then go out in the first round.

My basketball IQ is off the charts (as you all know) so what i say you can mark down as fact.


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May 13, 2008
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Did they bring in Rondo for wing play then or when AD breaks down and LeBron has to revert back to his usual role?
This is the one bit I don’t get. Isn’t LeBron’s usual role always point guard. Sure someone else might dribble it up the floor every now and then but as soon as they hand it off to LeBron he is playing point.

And they always hand it off to LeBron any time they are in a half court offence.

Lakers saying LeBron will play point this year is simply saying the Lakers are going with more of the same.


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Nov 29, 2007
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One expects Lebron to average the most assists at the Lakers next year. Fans probably don't need to hear the official announcement that Lebron will do a lot of ball fondling.
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