NCAA 2019 - NCAA - Week 4


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Sep 7, 2005
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That was magic by the Bruins!

Managed to get home with 5 mins left in the 3rd. Safe to say it was the right time to get home. Wowsers

Imagine throwing for 9 TD's and losing....

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Aug 19, 2009
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Finally got a chance to watch our game and wow. That win was huge. Stokes going down while already being short of DBs, then losing our best O-Lineman in Kindley but managing to hold on was fantastic from all involved.

I wasn't expecting Notre Dame to come out and defend like they did in that first half. One of our biggest strengths is our O-Line and ND took it to them big time. Eventually, we managed to wear them down and Swift and Herrien were able to start making some decent runs and that proved the catalyst for the win.

Camarda will be the most relieved man in Athens because if we lost that, I can imagine a few days of pain for his 2 shanked kicks.

That was the reality check we needed and why I wasn't as big on the Georgia hype as others over the first 3 games.


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Mar 10, 2007
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It's always hard to get a read on teams during the first few weeks, especially if they're playing cupcake games. Teams wins/losses change over the year depending on their fortunes - a bad loss in week 2 sometimes becomes a good loss. Statement wins can end up being meaningless.

Part of the beauty of the college game - trying to find meaning and flash forward to selection Sunday.

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