AE 2019 NextDuel schedule

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Upon discussion with head honcho's and a few suggestions being put forth by peterbuch74
The decision was made for this setup to be used for Next Duel 2019
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View attachment 725223
As you can see, it's similar to the NFL in which you will play teams in your own division TWICE (Whoever is in GG.exe 's division just struck gold) plus one other division once.
No wildcard round.

The discussion of conferences/divisions came up, and with balmainforever 's suggestion. We're going with stadiums this year rather than Players/ex-players.

Tonights announcement will just be the division names and their members.

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But I put you in the division named after a stadium from a team whose logo has the Adelaide Crows colours in them???
There are so many things wrong with your statement I hardly know where to begin.

I need only point out that Port Pittspuke colors are also inclusive of black and white...would you be happy using their training facility as home of the Crows division since they have "Crows colors in them"

I think not.
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