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Sep 25, 2004
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Hello to all you fine folk out there!

We're back for 2019!

Right off the bat, here's the info you're all after - this year we're hoping to sponsor Jy Simpkin and Bailey Scott! To achieve this, our fundraising target is $3600.00.

But first, some house keeping; this thread is starting slightly later than usual for the year because the coordinator at the NMFC who has been our contact for these player sponsorships for the last few years has left the club, and the club has yet to recruit his full-time replacement. I've been in contact with the interim person responsible, who has certainly been helpful, but in years past I've made sure to actually build a relationship with our contact at the club given the unique nature of our sponsorships, and the logistics involved.

With that in mind, the important bit of news is this - at the moment we only tentatively have the players we are sponsoring booked in, and they are subject to change. Hopefully this doesn't occur, but I wanted to give you all that full-disclosure right off the bat so if anything does shift down the line, you'll understand why.

The Package for 2019 is as follows:

Long-time sponsors will note that the 'sponsored player will attend an event' benefit that I worked so hard on last year is no longer part of the package - what I am sure is a direct result of the departure of the previous coordinator as previously mentioned. It's a real shame, and I'll be providing feedback to the club that this is a benefit that was of significant value to our group last year, and it's disappointing to see it gone in 2019.

That said, it still represents a fantastic package, and is more closely aligned with the packages from 2015-2017.

Furthermore, confirmed with BigFooty admins the following;

Pledges get Memberships
$50 to $99 - 1 year Gold Premium + medal (profile badge)
$100+ - 1 year Platinum Premium + medal (profile badge)

To Participate in 2019
  • Respond to this thread with your pledge amount (strongly preferred in multiples of $50)
  • Once pledges have reached our target of $3600, private messages will be sent with details on how to pay
  • Assume that payments will be due by the end of March 2019. If you're unable to meet this deadline, please ensure you've contacted me as early as possible once the call for payments has gone out.

Happy to answer any questions folks may have!

As always it is a privilege to be able to coordinate this for all of us here at the BigFooty NMFC board, and I hope you're all still okay with me taking the lead on this. Feel free to swing some last-minute 'poster of the year' votes my way as an endorsement of my ongoing stewardship. ;)

Here's to a big 2019.
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